close up photo of woman praying

You know those days

When there was no more in you.

Still you kept going

For a power within you

to stand for them , you love.

The power of faith,

when you know

you are not enough

still you wish to keep going for another.

There is something much greater.

In this scheme of life.

It’s not all me,

yes i too have my low tides.

It does not flow on its own,

yes there is the power of my choice .

It’s not always easy,

yes you need to have the courage .

It’s an invisible network ,

yes you have your part in it.

You find a strength

beyond you.

Even when all of you

seems to have reached an end.

These are the times

That brings you closer

to know there is a higher power.

We all serve

join our hands and bow down to .

Connect through soul.

With purity in thought.

clarity in mind.

love in heart.

You see the light

so bright

No darkness can hold.

Even the eyes can’t behold.

To see it ,see through the inner me.


Even if you feel powerless.

You still see the limitless.

As you bow down

to the light ,

And submit you fears.

That gives you strength,

to face and stand up even in the face of the mightiest.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

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