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We all have different strength to learning some are concept based , language based , logical and analytical based and some rely on memorizing. Though in academics most of the performers are from memorizing type. Other styles of learning are not much known which can helps others achieve grades like toppers , unless one learns to understand and discover ones learning style , interest , strength and weak areas.

All can have challenges with learning depending on their skills , style and strength areas .


In a learner who is concept based easily understands the concept taught but can have problems explaining it back due to difference in language learning.

A child is very quick at understanding and responding but due to slow motor speed may be slower to get thoughts on paper or take notes.

Student who are good at analytical have interest to research more on angles , question and make connections to the topic.

Student with a more logical way find it easy to answer MCQ  patterns with their aptitude and cognitive skills.

Kids with difficulty in story solving can follow an approach by first having their basic concepts and formula cleared . then try to solve by implementing this concept in various stories through practise and understanding different angles and flow of stories.

To fill in this gap and get that efforts towards better grades is best worked through self evaluation , insights and self awareness in learning.

In a previous post i discussed about learning styles that will help you understand the various learning styles and that connects better to you .Each learner has different learning abilities , techniques , styles , strength , weakness and pace in learning. The main question ia why are some student brilliant , some average and some just manage through their studies . Yes some do have skills like good learning and grasping capacity , memorizing and retention skills and easy understandability . Then how do other students who lack in some of these skills do fill in gap and still achieve high grades. And grades are metric of how well where you able to connect , approach , understand and implement the knowledge of topic. This can be achieved by implementing learning through their unique ways that suit their learning styles.

A common misconception its about lot of practice , repetition which is not true . Most good learners have and use their techniques and styles of learning that they have developed through practice or guidance .

So its everybody can achieve good grades if they are able to work on their learning styles , have planning and organization skills to approach their learning, and work on them on a routine basis .Practice specific skills based on insights and evaluation . Collective learning through being part of groups and exchange of knowledge and learning styles that helps to learn from others who are better at certain skills or subjects.

How working on your unique learning abilities can help eg: While learning through preparing notes and using graphical organizers on can use it for differentiating concepts from a topic or comparing and contrasting the facts and details so as to make it more clearer about the topic and helps in better retention . This helps learner with slow processing or learning to be able to form connections and remember the marked differences without getting confused or forgetting the details. For language learning and reading comprehension one can use various tools like story maps or Kwl chart these help learns with language differences to – reading and understanding, forming connections understanding the plot and idea, putting ones background knowledge, holding large quantities in memory, summarizing and expressing it own words and thoughts.

This self awareness in learning helps to practice self advocacy in learners during guided learning , where they can speak about their interest of learning and style that helps them better understand and connect to the topic . They can ask for more clarity or detailing for their doubts explaining how they would like to be explained .

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  1. Wow this is very informative, I’m going to visit this again to help myself as I am currently studying and I feel that I may need to be more aware of my learning styles. Its much easier to recognise it in others than myself since as I do that everyday with the children.

    1. yes we have our learning style based on our intelligence but sometimes a combination of these learning styles can be used to get to a topic that one finds it difficult through one style of learning.

    1. same here , like for example one may be logical learner but topics that require memorization one can go for auditory learning using it for better retention.

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