My Journal 52. Its a fight everyday

I too have limitations , flaws , drawbacks the way I am already made. The only thing I can do about it is be aware and a fight everyday to keep it right in its place a check on self it doesn’t loose . Something’s are so difficult to change or may be just deeply coded in your DNA . Still I fight it everyday , every second not letting it be a part of me in my work  , in my roles , in my outlook and approach.

But I know its right there inside me. The only reason I make this effort is not to transfer them through me to my kids . I dont want them to carry the effects of this part of my identity. This effort to keep my part that I dont like of me . Somewhere this cycle needs to be broken we cant keep carrying the burdens we receive and transfer it forward , we can make an effort to break the chain. Let us give them a new start ,a fresh view something we always hoped for.

Yes I wont be perfect everyday, but I have identified where I will be working to get better and its going to be a fight within each day . Till I have made the change or reached a point I am no more the same . I will let them know I am not perfect because I wasn’t made , but I have made attempt each day to bring the better of me , so that they believe we can give better than we always had.

Many a times we know and are aware of those traits within us which we really dont want to face or let out on our dear ones . But the more we submit to our emotions than use our mindfulness to react or respond we will lose ourselves everytime. Practising self awareness and keeping a self check helps one to get the best version of oneself which gets reflected in our younger ones as they are always observing and learning from seeing us work on ourselves.

4 thoughts on “My Journal 52. Its a fight everyday

  1. I have been feeling like this recently, especially today. Its been a hard day but got to keep going and beating the challenges and coping with the flaws. How are you?

    1. I am good , in current times its a challenge everyday still giving my best . Yes we are not always at our best some days we have to keep in check knowing we are out of place.

      1. I’m glad you are good. I agree we need to keep in check and the current times have created massive impacts on some people.

      2. yes who are not experienced into handling learning and kids as they were always dependent on others . Also these times have added burden on many as they have much to deal with in personal lives and in family.

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