My Journal 57. Celebrate Yourself

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It is very important to celebrate the person you are for all that you are now , for the journey you had, for struggles you put up with , the wins and also the losses you took and stood up again. It is about accepting yourself as a whole that make you the person you are , believing in yourself and your inner desires and intentions , no matter which point of the success you are now on . To feel and know there is something about you that makes you celebrate being the wonderful person you have been to yourself and people around . Take a moment everyday to stop and find joy in the present moment you are, more than in what you are going to be in the future or your goals. This will make your journey more enjoyable rather than just focusing on task to achieve your goals . Treat yourself with the smallest things that bring you happiness between all the work that keeps you engaged a laugh with a friend , a flower to your beautiful self , listen to your favorite playlist or write journal .

Celebrating your life , by practicing gratitude for everything you had and have now in the journey to make it possible . It is important to acknowledge those small things that made a difference in you life , gives happiness and brings in completeness and celebrating those small things that get overlooked in daily hustle of life. Celebrating the moments that make an important part of your memories with families and friends. Being grateful , than criticizing or complaining all that you don’t have or lagging behind in . Yes there will always be progress from the point you are in , but it is equally important to appreciate the life you have in present .

Think of taking a break and follow self care . Follow your heart and do something that connects to you just for yourself . Sit back and relax , day dream , watch a movie or series or start a book . Connect with people who give positivity and help uplift you . Practice affirmations by speaking how you can and have made it , speak to yourself how you are wonderful person and are capable of many accomplishments . All you need is to find the right way by getting to work on the task and don’t let any negative thoughts hold you down . You can ask you near ones to appreciate you or ask what they like about you this helps you get positive perspectives about you from them whom you trust. Be kind to yourself and practice self compassion making a list of your needs , wants , likings and give them priority even as you serve for others. Celebrate yourself to build confidence , to be thankful and enjoy the moment you are now in.

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  1. Oh yeah, taking the time to practise gratitude is always a great thing to do, no matter your circumstances. It helps turn even the crappiest days into something a little bit better. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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