person on a bridge near a lake

Take a deep breadth,

Go to the inner depth.

Cut off from everything,

That bothers you.

That angers you.

That tires you.

Now you find a space,

Very blissful.

Very clear.

Very you.

Now Only you,

No one else there,

to blame .

to point .

to disappoint.

Travel the inner world ,

Seek answers to all from within.

The creation in you.

The power of you.

The change within you.

To see the universe as a part of you.

Now you know,

You too have been there.

You too have had your drops.

You too have faced the other self.

That makes you more acceptable .

The way they are .

We all are on a journey ,

Just at different stages .

Move at different pace.

Be patient for those who are still there ,

Learn from them who have made it somewhere.

Reflect and Seek,

Through within, for self and all beings .

I tried changing the world around me

That Could never be.

When I seek the answers within

Found the change through me.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

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