My Journal 50 . Comfort Zone

inscription caution on yellow tape on stone

Well getting over fears , our blocks is finally about breaking from this comfort zone , but its really a very difficult route . You are fighting yourself , pushing to go place where you don’t want to be,  breaking away from your comfortable position. But why should we even do this when we are doing good where we are . because if you are good where you are you are in a limited space , that limits your knowledge , experience and thoughts . Unless you are ready to go to the unknown place that challenges you , makes you feel like nowhere or nothing it doesn’t triggers the learning , the need for change , there is something more than you have known. Its an incomplete knowledge in a comfort zone. Whenever you are comfortable with your life its time you take up that one skill or task that challenges you , fears you to see it break and emerge a new you . So its always said learning never ends , but that only if you learn to come out of your perfect place .

I have been an engineer who dealt and dreamt of developing complex algorithms , and then life put me in a position i learnt to understand the simplicity and need to connect to life at basic level . I chose to be a homemaker with my priorities and challenges at my life,  then tried decoding it with my engineering skills and i learnt it was never enough . I was faced with difficulties with learning and challenges i saw through my kids and their education system , though i was always a good learner , it helped me to solve a issue that was never an issue for me but was real and existed  . I kept my dedication there trying  , researching , implementing and i made it at least to a point it became very visible.

When i started blogging for months i wrote about something that connected me to my interst of learning and teaching , it was much technical , catered to a specific interest and crowd .I had almost nil followers , i was happy with that because even though i was writing i was not sure of reaching . Then i wanted to reach i had people connecting , reading their works influenced me . I started to explore and experiment with new ways of writing moving from education to creative , i started being more open in expressing though through my unique styles . I was very comfortable with blogging and the wonderful community which always supported and helped me grow.

But then through a friend blogger i knew one could venture into books i wanted to give it a try , it was totally a different process , involved a different mindset , outlook preparation and dedication. From the time to plan, edit , design , market .These grew my circle , i connected to authors and bloggers now . I understood the difference between being both and their reach to audience , how the competitions exposure is different in both . And now after publishing my books i have been acquainted to a different world of books and publishing other industries , impacts , readers, reviews , interconnectivity , network that are based on it. I am exploring , trying to understand , and learning to be a part of it . One thing i am sure from my journey , yes whichever point i am  , i am going to start at zero , but will not be there at the same point in coming time and even if i reach a good stable point i wont stop there .

I tell you every time i shifted from a comfortable point to a point i felt or knew nothing about , it was a very difficult phase almost lost , just at point of giving up , but then finally its all about making that move and taking the decision of ready to face it . its in this effort to break from comfort zone , to believe , to take a leap you have a story to tell. Face you failures and fears its just a point in the process of evolving.

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