Multi Sensory Learning

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Many a times kids don’t learn through a particular style of learning its important to introduce learning through styles that connects better to them . This requires the tutor to understand through insights and from evaluation which learning suits the student better . Every child connects better to a particular style of learning that helps them learn through their unique ways and aids understanding. But the different styles of learning can be combined and used with learning at school , to help all kinds of students to fill in gap with their grades and make learning interesting and easy for them for retention , analyzing , higher order and critical skills .

Visual learning : Content representation using Graphical Organizers . This helps student to improve their performance and achievements in grades . using graphical organizers to learn helps children to connect and in retention of content. Using graphical organizers improves the reading comprehension by helping them detail , outline and question various angles about reading and story , building connections and summarizing. When students learn to develop and use graphics organizers for self study it develops higher order and critical thinking. Models ,pictures are also used to visually connect the student to learning

Auditory learning : This type of learning uses music , sound and rhymes such as a rap, poem, or song. This helps the student to listen and repeat this aids learning through repetition . This is helpful when learning through following instructions , being part of group activities and discussions . These kind of learners need to clearly given verbal information in a language that is clear and easily understandable . These learners read out loud to memorize or are dependent on story telling where they talk about it to be able to understand, form a story and solve them. They are good at learning through lectures or effectively listen to information delivered verbally and make notes on it.

Kinesthetic learning : These are hands on learners who are physically active in the learning process through their senses not just touch . For learning they have to have movements like gestures , body movement , object manipulation and positioning. This is done through making them part of various activities that involve STEM / STEAM based concept so that they can learn different concepts through an activity together and clear their understanding . They can be also taught through activities like role plays , puppet , drama , playing involving cooperative learning. These activities require proper instruction to be given , ensuring equal participation by reward system to develop interest , setting rules and monitoring to carry it out successfully . Learning can be enabled using strength areas of the student by learner centered activities where students particular interest is used through activities to understand various concepts. Activities could include dance, races and competitions, field trips and projects where they physically learn by being part of the activity , through movements , following instructions , seeing the process or actual event by being present in the scenario. This can involve many creative ways through which various skills like cognitive , motor , analytical and higher order skills can be developed. [ Home based activities involving acts , pretend play , competitive event and maths activity using coins.]

Observational learning :This is also called social learning which comes from observing others around by learning through their behaviors , responses , working methods or styles . This is mainly established through models like parents, teachers , friends or sibling a figure from their environment of learning. This can help them learn through others styles of learning and their working behavior or techniques. Here kids follow by example .[ Follow by example. Life-skills-a-better-approach]

In classroom management or at homeschooling to cater to all types of students and their learning abilities it becomes important to use multi sensory learning , helping student by exposure through various styles of learning they can use to connect better for their understanding. These various learning styles can be used for topics or subject specific like visuals to understand logical concepts or form a pictorial representation for memorizing . Auditory can be used to enable learning through repetition and for retention for memorizing . Kinesthetic learning can help them to implement the concepts like in math’s problems or logical questions see it work through experiments or activities when unable to get concepts through just reading , writing or verbally. Observational learning helps them to learn from others and bring in changes or ways to help them learn better . This can be done by involving them in the process or through life skills.

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  1. Fantastic, this is very observation and assessment are very important to support a child to learn and development. Evry child is individual and havetheir own learning styles, interests and needs, its our job to work it all out to help them. Great read again, I absolutely love your work!

    1. Yes very true we know this exactly how its the teachers job to find the best learning style that suits a child .

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