My Journal 49.  Halo effect

Now especially with all that i write and talk about many will relate to or already know about it . The reason is what we have  truly experienced, that have been easily covering up or putting off as nothing of that importance is actually a great deal and can be spoken about.

Many a times many questions or issues are easily covered under the status , position or skills one holds. They put up this character of goodness or perfection so well which easily gets accepted without any extra effort for they have achievements to flaunt or status that gains them respect. Also nobody ever thinks beyond what is visible or the real person that may exist when among their own or on their own.

These are the reasons unspoken words form part of our society wether within homes or communities . Its a two way challenge one speaking about the difficulty or issue openly , second breaking the common mindset made about the person or position which was very carefully and intentionally made to portray oneself spot less. Its not that difficult to convince another especially not close to you , that you are a person of values and principles especially if you hold a good position or achievement or are skilled in communications or any talent having a following or supporting s.

If one has faced troubles or harm of any sort from such elements , Been through situations one has to face it alone or gets cornered if raises voices or tries to speak out . Then why do we talk about mental health, sharing experiences , standing  for another when actually its almost 90% of victims in such situations end up loosing their self or a part of life forever.

Its in the mentality of common to easily judge or accept what is being shown or put up especially if it involves power , position , talents and following .This criteria directly gives a pass to a persons character in common minds without even a second thought its different to be a person of values or speak or show oneself to be of. Indirectly this gives them lot of power when they receive support for what they portray instead of what they truly are to easily use it to execute their negative traits under this well built goodness.

This topic may look trivial but this is the actual reason behind those great movements that took years to break in industries and work place . The reason people keep enduring and go through abuse and trauma and have lost a part of their lives even after they are out of it.

Every topic can be spoken of every possibility can be true , we can never be so quick to make judgements or let people use this common mindset that people are what they seem or put up to be . We need to develop more as intelligent society not in terms of technology alone but how we give the power of common thinking by following people with positions and talents without a second thought and use it to their benefit.

Halo effect is when one good trait of a person is used to make overall judgment of that person or thing with no basis. Hope this clarifies and justifies why we shouldn’t support or follow such biased decisions .

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