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Children follow your example

I have always believed and practised that kids follow us by looking at us, more than what we say to them. Today was a point a realised how important does this mean. I have been following my passion for writing formally through blog and books from last year only through pandemic . We have come closer together as family as we get too see more of each other and we are having a greater influence on them as they are spending morw around us and are observing us closely.

This process of writing , handling my work and responsibilities and a need of change in my time management and relations , has very much been observed by kids too., Not only that my elder one though in just start of primary education wants to know about my work , what i have been doing , what is it about , the people i connect to , who the readers are , why and what am i writing . Seeing my dedication and continuous effort and work she is not only impressed by me , she many a times comes to praise or applaud me for doing something so fascinating . I don’t know how much of it she understands , i let her see the pictures i put up on my posts or when i design my covers , share with her stories about us that i have been writing here. She sometimes have been giving me suggestions what can i write about more when we are doing an activity or playing or relaxing . I haven’t made something financially with this passion of mine , but the happiness , contentment it brought to my life is worth everything.

But today i received the greatest reward of following my heart and passion , my daughter who had struggles with learning in her early years , i had to take that extra mile to give her an edge over her education .She started to write stories with illustrations i was very much impressed and overwhelmed to see her bring her creativity that too influenced by me . She wrote a small story about a girl that she is good , a simple thought with simple sentences of her way of showing the life of girl at school and her conversation with her mom. The best part i liked it was written by a child , with a language that connects to children , readable by children and illustrations which gave the child like feeling to it. I couldn’t have ever written nor illustrated something that simple and sweetly . I will help her grow and use this creativity of her which just appeared suddenly today.

Sometimes we are so busy with our daily routine, we tend to ignore the smallest and the most important things that effect our life at large . Like following our passions , doing our bit for the community , valuing relations , dedications and hard work , creativity .No matter what you make of it , but your kids are surely making a note of it . What you cant get directly to them sometimes comes through what you do out there , this influences them more to see you be part of the society at large .I don’t know whether i will be a great author or blogger , now it really doesn’t matter i can see why i am here and will continue following my passion.

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