My Journal 48. Forget to keep going

You know the difficult part of being human and complexities involving relations is our inability to be able to erase or forget our memories just like that. Yes with a continuous effort , strong will , ignoring , focusing on other areas of life and training our mind to so it sometimes becomes possible though in a limited sense also depends on the situations we will face again that may trigger those memories. Sometimes these fights with the memories and relations or people involved is really long and can have effects of lifetime if not dealt at right time and the impact it has on our future life.

There are times you know there are many questions about past or the relation you shared or a moment in time that you want to talk about but you decide to let it go and not interfere with your todays equation yet in the back of the mind it always forms a question expecting to be answered sometime without asking for it .These are best when professionally or formally you keep continuing to share some sort of relation and need to get along . You keep continuing being a part of the relation with a more of forget and let go attitude still waiting for sometimes in future to reveal and have those unanswered questions .

Sometimes the value of the relation is so important you decide to forget and start new , well this would surely need time to build that trust or bond again . But this a conscious effort and move from both side to rework on ways and build a newer relation with a new start . Many a times this requires one, not to go back in time and bring up those topics from past which can not only ruin the relation but can have a very negative effect on the efforts being made to give it a new chance. Its very important with new situations of challenges and conflicts the past isn’t given a mention instead an attempt is made to show or say how it could have been done or how something has been effected and ways it could be done or amended in a situation.

Forget and forgive , These are situation that was just beyond control or a moment in time that were taken in impulsively , just an accident or not done intentionally. Sometimes unaware or immature to understand the effects of ones decisions or actions. There is a chance of improvement , change or growth and needs to be forgiven so that it doesn’t leads to getting a big part of ones life or getting labelled . The best is to talk about it , solve it and let it be part of the process of change rather than holding on to them as the greatest fault of ones life. Ones discovered a continuous effort and process may be needed to bring in that change from both the sides involved in that relation.

Forget and gone forever. These are those that have negative impact and effects on our life , mental health , our work. These have created losses or damages that very much effected ones life , done intentionally and a difficult recovery from those moments or relations. They create a block in our progress , well being and success. Holding on to them in any form through anger or revenge or trauma just pulls one down every time ,one tries to rise from it and to keep moving . These are best forgotten forever and an attempt to make them no part of present lives or future in any way whether physically , emotionally or mentally . Its best to be distant from these relations ,elements, memories or people forever making it clear with boundaries well set and defined . These are best dealt at the face of it and made clear how it no more forms a part of your life and you don’t want it to interfere in you life in any form moving from here forward.

These are some of those experiences of life with relations , memories that needed me to forget and keep going . All were a different kind of challenge , experience and a different approach to deal with them thereafter : forget and let go , forget and start new, forget and forgive and forget and gone forever. Hope my this self found approach with facing various relations and experience s helps me keep going with the complexities in human nature and relations that i face . Yes there may be many more kinds of forgetting and continuing as i experience life and come up with an approach I will add to my living.

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