Someone has to keep it going


Someone has to keep it going

Sometimes i feel why just me
why not who have much more than i can be.
why not them who have enough more than they need.
why not them who had their lives bed of roses still carry a thorn within.
Why not who claim to be have attained the light still a darkness within.

Sometimes i feel why only me
why not the ones relaxing in the sofa and watching tv.
Why not the ones enjoying vacation on a beach.
Why not the other who think its nothing.
Why not the ones who think its anybody’s job but not their thing.
Why not the ones privileged and still complaining.

And then i know
Someone has to keep it going
its not in them
To endure To see
what it is to be in the actual ring.
I wont wait for their coming ,
making their part in this journey
I will put in all that i have
I will move those mountains so high
I will sail through those stormy tides
I will keep going when famines strike
Not looking for you to get my back
But when you see the
universe moving
stars rejoicing
the moon smiling
the sun rewarding
you too will come joining
till then
Someone has to keep it moving.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

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