My Journal 47. Principles

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In our choices to be principled , moralistic and have high values there is a constant struggle when it comes to choosing between being stern or flexible . Being a very high principles person for very long which has made life a bigger struggle for me to have faced it right in the face without holding back . But then it became a challenge when i came to a point and i had to choose between my principles or a decision that would make a difference to lives . It was not an easy fight giving up on the principle for one this situation was almost like letting go off my soul but then i had to make a compromise to serve a greater principle where lives matter more than the principle i was holding onto . And if bending the principle made life’s better for people around me and my loved ones , gave a new start or at least a new hope i went with it . I don’t know whether it was right i don’t want to be judged , but it was a real struggle to take up the decision and act . Even today it sometimes hurt for breaking principles i held strong for long , but the best part is now i feel common i don’t feel elated to be a very high principle person and the burden that comes with it . Yes i still follow and practice my principles and values very regularly but that one decision let me to realize everything is changeable and at some point or the other needs to be reconsidered if situation and time demands for a better cause .

Of all the stories i read from great epics ans history i realized one thing people who held their principles high and stuck to it were respected throughout history but this sternness of theirs also costed many , as they refused to bend them at any cost leading to decisions and situations that were totally under the control of their decisions and acts , had they acted for the moment letting go off their principles.

Based on my research these are what defines all these terms .Values are more personal whereas morals come from the society point of view and they both define our behaviors. Values are subjective and internal that may change over time and are issue specific. That is it depends on the situation whether the value applies or not. Values are – integrity , compassion , kindness , courage , trust , humility, reliability , commitment…Principles govern our actions , these are rules based on values , beliefs . they are those universal truth on natural laws collective followed by society ,but people can have individual principles. There are principles we practice for success , for self care for life based on values we hold .eg : We want to hold commitment , we follow the principle that we stick to our relations through all ups and down no matter what we face. Values are qualities , internal that form principles and are flexible .Whereas as principles are rules external that direct your life and a moral compass that one decides to follow based on his values .

There is a difference between knowing and practicing values. Its like many know what these values mean but they totally opt whether to just speak or even practice them in their lives. Following principles regularly help us to achieve and improve over time in our approach , attitude and life. Also it serves as a way to stay focused in this complex and everchanging needs and scenarios of life , because you stick to your principles as you practice them .But these principles should be used in the right place for the right goal . Some hold certain principles so strong they apply to all areas of life even where it doesn’t fit or serves right . So its very necessary to understand where a principle of life works and where it shouldn’t be forced. Though its universal natural law that works for all , not all principles work best in all situations . There can be situations that require to choose decisions that may be against your principle but to serve a greater principle of life. In such situation deciding which to hold and let go is another challenge .

Stern principles too need to goo undergo change, it may become more of an ego than just our actions , this in turn makes a person to not be able to see the effects of his own principles creating hurdles to a greater cause. In such situations it becomes a difficult fight a very highly principled person who has never compromised and practiced his principles, sometimes even knowing the right or wrong decides to stick by his principle because it has to followed at any cost .It becomes more of an identity and ego than governing the result of our actions .
Even our principles need to evaluated and make changes over time , reason it comes form a personal experience and values which may change over time .

I have been a very highly principles person that has helped me to achieve a lot in the most unusual circumstances still being focused not letting anything dither me . I still hold my principles very important , but i have made sure not let it become a part of my ego . Though i practice them regularly and stick by them not only in my outward actions my values behind them internally too are strong. But one lesson i have learnt that this stern nature had me unacceptable of many situations , issues and complexities involved . I don’t compromise on my principles even today and have made an effort to evaluate and set my priorities when faced with a opposing situations, but at the same time learnt to draw lines that doesn’t fall into my radar of principles . I don’t have to attach every action of mine or evaluate everything from the line of my principles . This flexibility helps me to be more human at the same time have self control and awareness. Its in our stern principles we forget to see the other side of life , we very easily label the other side of our principle to be wrong .Sometimes your principles are not needed to regulate every small action , consciousness , mindfulness and self awareness are very much enough . What great rules cant do a simple logic and decision from the heart can .

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