Golden Bloggerz Award✨

I have been nominated by Katherine and Julia at Nourish , i am very thankful to them also it means a lot coming from them as they have a story to tell about their struggles fighting anorexia and finding the balance through cooking . They have been creating awareness about mental health and are mental health activists . I admire Katherine’s dedication and strength as a parent and cooking with her heart for her daughter . Their blog is an inspiration for many who think their struggles are not conquerable and how they in their journey to facing the challenges have helped many sharing their stories of recovery. They are a team an example of how family can be supportive and working together to overcome the greatest difficulties.

What is the Golden Bloggerz Award?

The Golden Bloggerz Award was created by Chris Kosto to motivate and reward all the amazing bloggers who work hard every day to serve their audiences and deserve some recognition.

The Rules

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  5. Tell your audience three things about you.
  6. Answer your nominator’s questions.
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Three Things About Me

  1. I believe in teaching and parenting as parents and tutors we need to take the responsibility of bringing about the change we want to see , be conscious of our decisions , mindful of our actions and be ready to see from a Childs perspective . Because every child is unique and teaching a very customized process to reach the Childs mind .
  2. Creativity needs to cherished and given boost to develop in young minds , this is what makes every person unique and find their unique ways to solve their problems in life. Learning based on creativity and interest based helps to Cultivate the right attitude towards learning which is a lifetime process.
  3. A reflective approach to parenting , to life , to our thoughts is very much needed . Through my journaling and poems i try to reflect , reassure , reconnect and rebuild on various complexities of human nature , lifestyles , choices , relations , spirituality , family , generations and parenting. Its in our power to bring the change from within if we want to see the change outside.

My answers to Questions by Nourish :

  • What is your dream career?

If i would have been given the choice to pursue my ambition at the right age i would have always chosen mass media over engineering . Because i always knew i wanted to be in a career where i can use my creativity and writing skills. But as some say its never late , though engineering has given me another outlook to his ambition of mine.

  • What is the best and worst thing about blogging?

Best thing is find it very relaxing and therapeutic it helps me connect my thoughts and creativity about life to many around the globe. Being an introvert and silent type i find it difficult to drop comments sometimes even reply though i take my time , but i am really working on this and have made progress.

  • What is something you used to take for granted but don’t anymore?

Self love and self care , always wanted to be of service to others let me to ignore myself . I realized i cant take myself granted because its through me i can be of service to another unless i learn to respect and care for myself i wont be able to give my best.

  • If you had to power to change any one thing about the world, what would it be?

i just wish education should be available to all and not only that it would be quality education that can cater to all kinds of students with their unique learning abilities. Because education that connects to and builds interest can impact lives in a greater sense than any other way . By education i mean holistic development not just academics.

  • What are you looking forward to doing over the summer?

In current scenario I have to be prepared with many ideas and ways to keep my kids happy and engaged . Also i have to work more on my cooking skills to meet their changing needs and moods . I am planning to take ahead my passion in writing by submitting for journals and writing more books from my blog.












Questions for My Nominees

  1. What is your passion and how did you pursue it ?
  2. What is it about life that you would share from your experience to keep others motivated and going?
  3. How has blogging changed you or your life?
  4. If you were to switch off all your devices for an entire day how would you spend the day?
  5. Do you believe in your inner strength to be the change you want to see ?

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12 thoughts on “Golden Bloggerz Award✨

  1. Love these answers, especially about self-care and education! Taking care of yourself is such an important skill that’s oftentimes overlooked or taken for granted. We’re glad you’re prioritizing your wellbeing, as we’re trying to do the same!

    1. Thank you , I tried my best to answer though my first attempt to speak of my self here , yes I have learnt to Value myself and self care .I am glad you liked my work and nominated me . I took this opportunity only because I needed to accept your appreciation.