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Riddle Time

Hi friends i have been recently writing more on my journal as it was break time for my kids end of academic year . Now its back again to start of new academic year in current times. Only thing they miss is , its become a very formal learning minus all the fun with friends and meaningless chit chatting now its more of studying, listening or learning.

When the academic year came to an end i decided to give them a break totally from their studies and get involved in lots of play .One thing we discovered during our idle time and when we went out to those quite outings to countryside is playing riddles . There are many advantages of playing riddle one if you are at the answering side you get to analyze and think trying to form link with the given clues and making sense. And if you are at the questioning side you get to come up with your creative ways of describing things , objects, people etc. and making it as secretive as possible .

I asked them some riddle from basic objects around first like – what is that shines at day , hides at night ? what looks like a bunch of hair we use to clean the house ? Then specific things like- i am an Indian dress worm by women a very long piece of cloth turned around ? I am yellow in color but white inside i am a source of calcium?. Then some about proper nouns like – I am a tall big clock a famous building in England? i am a dance form of India with painted green masks and lot of eye movement?. Some about science- i can walk and talk like you but i am a non living thing? When i freeze i turn solid , when in contact with the atmosphere i am back to being me again?

These are some ways you can help them get their minds working in a fun way , depending on their age and grade you can use topics from various subjects to ask riddles to check for language , knowledge , logic and aptitude . The fun part is when they start to learn the process and make their own riddles and give their way of description and detailing to an object . This develops language , imaginative and creative skills.

A very small activity but great to build connections and knowledge in a fun way.See you again with more such creative ideas for learning.

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