My Journal 46. Take a break and find your balance

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Hi dear friends, I have been busy blogging and editing for my books regularly . I admit i love writing its the most important part of my life and keeps my days going , but no matter how much i love it , i have decided to take breaks in between . Where i get to look at the other areas of life and focus on them because my writing is inspired by my life and i need to give it equal importance to draw my strength for my writing . Also to keep the freshness in what i write i need to take a break, to look beyond where i am stuck or thinking. I need to experience , live , manage my life , self and relations, my responsibilities to be able to balance at the same time able to see those new areas of learning that it brings into my life. I need to take a break to look and read beyond my works , to keep receiving positive influences from other works.

Its in this balance we grow , we change , we question , we correct and to be able to find the balance we need to take a break from what we are following or doing continuously , no matter how much we like what we do. This gives a sense we are not complete and perfect in ourselves and there are always horizons we need to search and know about. It helps to keep our ego in check and stop one from being narrow minded about ones vision and thoughts. Though writing is the passion of my life, other areas of life are equally important to bring life to my writings. This has taught me to keep the balance by taking breaks , reevaluating , rethinking . looking for corners , areas or relations that need to be worked on , rebuild , change in thoughts and ways. Writing flows naturally when i find this balance around but also helps me to keep my horizons broad and not get stuck in a limited thought process.

These breaks help me to plan , organize and prioritize my works . Also helps me think or recheck ways that may be wrong or need a change so that i am not repeating the same wrongs again .This helps me to define new goals and milestones and work towards them . Keep a check on self my health physical and mental , learning , relations and duties . Even if i don’t take these breaks it will come around naturally where we find a block in what we do , so its better we take a break on our own to keep the wheels moving . Taking a break does not mean you will get left behind in the race or lose some important points in your work, it only means you make sure to keep your freshness and balance the key behind success at any job.

If you find it difficult to take a break have an organized plan for your work or list down your ideas , which you can later work on with a new perspective . Have smaller milestones achievable so that you know where you can stop , have a detail outline of the work how the smaller parts are interconnected , how the work flows , the interdependency and interconnections between smaller tasks and their priority and sequence . Take out time to research or learn from other sources because there are always more than one way to get the work done and that every person has a unique way that suits them best . You can take this break to workout your creative solutions to your problems but that requires you getting down to implementation and spending time with the task or relation. Time needs to be invested to work on them to find solutions or to make changes as we progress and this time can only come from taking a break from what we have been doing continuously. Make sure to take a break from your devices too when you are not working as they are operating at the back of your mind and does not let you focus. Set it to unavailable or sign off and logout , put off the notifications so that you are mentally free just to focus where you are.

This break isn’t just a temporary stop its a necessity to make sure in the long run you don’t loose out from your strength that comes from various areas of you life and relations . The actual power and fuel behind ones work and passion .Take a break and find you balance and come back stronger and better everytime.

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