My Journal 45. We get what We put up with

Most of the time we realize what we get is what we put up with. This does not apply to all situations in our life , but to the ones we are in control of or can take control with our will and courage .Those that are in the power of our choices and decisions . And which directly impacts what we get from life is what we are ready to put up with or what we have been putting up with or what we choose to put up with. Many of our situations are actually a manifestation of our readiness to take control, to make our decisions and our choices or submit to another’s. Lets see this from different perspectives .

From ancient history of colonization there have been many stories of how creating a dependency in the name of trade or giving free food , entertainment and leisure to make the people of the states lazy and dependent on the colonizing power .Then using this condition to create ones power and rule over the inhabitants with authority .In turn over a period of time people of these states lost their interest and focus to work and control over their own lives . This applies to how an individual in a system or community gives up the control of ones life and decisions , to seek leisure or does not want to put in efforts or face difficulties and goes for an easier available life to realize, we submit to another’s power over us .Sometimes just lack of interest or reaction to speak up against that seems not right itself leads to such situations.

Sometimes this is due to fear or lack of courage to defend ones grounds or stand up for oneself because of embedded fear from power of any form , one keeps putting up with that arises as a result keep facing those situations or actions again and again. Sometimes these power create a wrong impression or idea of they having the right to decide or think for you as they hold an important position. Sometimes its our own mental blocks or the lack of right knowledge that we submit to such circumstances just to realize its in our right and we could speak out or react to break off from these situations. Most of the times we forget we have the power in us to stop from recurring situation or unpleasant events or people from our lives by taking control over fear and having courage to fight at the face of it . At the most believe and value ones thoughts , space and life . Only if we decide to stop putting up with these elements and raise our concern and voices they can be brought to an end or stop from creating further harm or nuisances to our lives.

Many great achievers in their fields or creativity had the courage and took the steps to break from norms and follow their heart , passion and dreams. They had to put up with the most difficult times and challenges to have reached a point that becomes visible . At every such milestone there would have been hurdles or situation that must have demanded a lot from their lives in terms of dedication , efforts and resilience . Its in this to be ready to be able to face and put up with all that comes along the way and endure and still emerge winner that defines many winners and achievers of life . Its not that they had everything in place or things were always easy for them, just they never considered complaining or stopping even in the face of greatest troubles.

When we have a chance of choosing or standing up for ourselves or deciding it becomes a very important point that defines what we get depending on what we are ready to put up with.

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