My Journal 44. Some are never going to like you

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Some people are never going to like you no matter what you do or things and times change . That’s going to remain exactly like that and there is no point trying so hard to get them to like you or convince them . The reason being there exists no proper reason which they themselves can justify . The point is being aware and accepting them for what they are than trying to change or convince them . Its very ok not to be liked by all or have any such expectation from them , actually there will always be a group on the other side of your thoughts , works or ideas and that makes your efforts more worthy .

Most of the time we are trying to fight the other side or convince them how we are right or what we are doing needs to be accepted . But they have taken their stand , their choices have been made the way they are , just because they are not on the same line as we are doesn’t mean we cant get along in civilized manner. In spite of the differences , bitterness or lack of respect for another’s work or ideologies we can behave and respect each other mutually without letting it get ugly. At the same time there should be healthy boundaries drawn the other shouldn’t cross to show their unacceptance or disagreement or criticize or put down another’s opinions , ideologies or work. Yes there will be times when the opposition from the other side if affects ones peace , balance or mindset continuously and intentionally should be clearly called upon to make ones side and thoughts clear.

Most of the time these are due to misconceptions or miscommunications . Some take for granted what they see or think without even giving a second thought or clarifying with the other . Some believe strongly on their approach and thoughts they feel every other person on the other side is ought to be wrong . Some are just driven by their own insecurities .Some are very staunch believers of their views or belief systems anything else belonging to the other system automatically falls into the wrong category for them .

Many a times its impact of upbringing , our openness , our attitude or culture and experiences in our life that makes us more acceptable of others . Its through self realization many realize to accept and respect differences . But many are still stuck in those low levels of hierarchy of needs of life still trying to meet their own requirements and are still searching their true self and connections it becomes difficult for them to accept others. Sometimes its too late because one has been following and exposed to only a certain kind of life and approach they strongly believe only in the existence and implementation of those thoughts without any evaluation or questioning .Also they want every other person surrounding them to follow and abide by same rules and thoughts.

It is very important to respect ourselves but at the same time be respectful to anothers thoughts and views . Be aware that not all are going to like you and your works and accept that without trying to fit in . Above all mutually respect the differences and maintain healthy boundaries that works best for both sides.

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    1. Thank you you🙂, I just write my heart out from everything I see around. Thanks for reading.

      1. Yes I will drop in my thoughts too , you have a beautiful blog.

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