My Journal 43. Passion fuels Life

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Hi friends , I have started working on my third book in the series My journal And Poems which is about “Life and Meaning” . Its a collection of topics from spirituality , passion , self realization , finding our true calling and our connection with the world around us . I though of taking a break from writing , and it was barely a day i started to feel down and everything else seemed out of place . This is what helped me to realize how important passion is to our life and adds meaning to our existence.

Its this passion that drives us to keep going to achieve even in the most difficult circumstances. Its been a tough journey for me to keep continue perusing my passion which is about many things and that i see through my writing .Still after very long even i had almost lost contact with my self and existence , my passion kept me alive and everything moving . And still i am back following all that through my writing.

Passion is much more than our work or interests . When we follow Our passions for something it in turns brings in passions and creativity to all other areas of life. Passion is trying to find through all that makes your life lovable , enjoyable and happy in spite of all the troubles we go through . Its this passion that we follow makes us go through the daily chores , responsibilities , challenges as it fuels the driving force for life. It is one that when you are feeling the lowest you still find enough energy and strength to keep following. Even when you are tired or exhausted an effort to connect to your passion or time with your passion helps you find strength and vigour back again to your life.

Nowadays with al the responsibilities and chores and now even more growing varied roles are getting most of us tired at the end of the day . Not only that the strength to stand up and face the same challenges the next day for ourselves and loved ones also needs to be built. Its during such times our passions keeps out the stress out of our lives and gives the much needed boost that flows in to all other areas of our life . We all have different passions though cant be named or labeled into a single bracket , it can be a combination of various thing that you can achieve through your work or art or ideas. More than financial gain , passion fuels life within us and is mainly followed when you know that its an integral part of life and a necessity to keep your life motivated , balanced and positive.

With growing burdens of work we dont find time for our passions and many a times we dont know how to pursue or what it could be. Passion is something that seems effortless , that connects to you naturally , that comes from within and you have innate attraction to follow it. Though it seems effortless it requires lot of focus , hardwork and dedication to pursue it regularly . Researching , learning , connecting about the field of your passion on a routine basis in needed . To develop , improve , correct your mistakes over time. At the most one needs to have patience , be brave enough and be ready to pursue ones passion despite the tough circumstances .

Passion could be your love for anything from life – self or others, society – social cause , kindness , motivating , hobbies , career , animals and pets , health and fitness , art , spirituality, self development and improvement – relationships , life approach , creative ideas , teaching what you want to share about with others , learning to increase your knowledge about various topics .In the process of pursuing our passion we will have to learn more about it , connect with people who are from the same fields , learn from them and above all putting it into action .

I have had passion about learning and teaching , working on self development and improvement , understanding and simplifying life , relations and society . I have tried to bring all of these through my writings that i have been working on and developing through all my years of education , working and motherhood . This passion of mine has helped me explore , question and find solutions to many challenges , questions , issues that relate to life , relations and society . I am passionate about teaching in a way to get across topics that is easily understandable to the learner , this helps me to work out ways and simplify , understanding the learner abilities and weak and strong areas .Writing has always bee my passion to let out my thoughts without any inhibition through journaling an poems , also writing about teaching and ways that makes it successful to connect to get across to the learner in a form that they learn better in . Though with time i have tried to develop , learn , change my writings to reflect more of positivity , give clarity , understandable , connectable , at the same trying to be aware of what and how i try to speak about various topics that interest me.

Passion needs time to develop , enhanced and bring about change for that we need to keep following them . With passion you dont work always for money though that follows as you make a place when your passion is refined with time and serves greater purpose . Passion is mainly followed to give one happiness , contentment , energy to life and other areas of life . Yes we wont find ways to directly following our passion but we need to start somewhere to be able to lead to the path where our passions will meet their goals. Its this passion of your helps to connect with other as they want to know more about the passion you follow. Once you follow your passion the stress and challenges of life seems easy to live and face because of this inner strength that comes from following ones passion . It is something that comes very naturally you , that develops curiosity , interest to know more or work on them. Make time and space for you passion everyday or in your routine it will keep the negativity off your life at the same time give you inner peace and much needed strength to chase your life and dreams.

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    1. Thank you very much , it means a lot feels good when your work connects to others.

      1. Thankyou Cindy , means a lot from a great writer and friend.πŸ™‚

      1. oh that’s so sweet , i will keep doing more than i can , i don’t hold that great knowledge and experience like many and yours too, but i will keep correcting myself in the process and help others how much i can.

    1. Thank you Vani , I am really glad you liked it so much , there is so much to it , the more you see through the more it speaks.

      1. Ohk you have written this comment in another post. Thank youπŸ™‚

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