My Journal 42. True Calling

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I know exactly what it means it took me really long to find ways ,to acknowledge ,to believe and pursue it . I am not saying I exactly knew what it was , until i went through all ways that life put me through i did what best i could do in those times trying to make my life meaningful, but nothing seemed to give the contentment , yes that doesn’t mean i gave up on the task at hand and go chasing for something else .

That’s the key you don’t go looking for your true calling , you make the most of living developing and experiencing in the process fine tune your skills and work on your flaws. This actually brings you automatically to your true calling. True calling doesn’t mean giving up everything and go on a wild chase of dreams , and even you find it you will not be prepared to embrace it . Best is take the challenges life throws at you , travel those roads you never knew , learn from everything that comes your way , putting the best you can in your roles and responsibilities . Because true calling comes not only from knowing oneself and interests , but also knowing the world we live in .The challenges with life , necessity , scarcity , diversity in all forms . The need to see beyond what we experience alone in our lives , trying to make the best of what we have and still make a difference with how much we have . It is in this understanding our true calling can be experienced and lived by being part of this community alone.

True calling is being ourselves who we truly are , unique abilities , creative ways . This develops as we experience more of life and learn to use our unique abilities to traverse through the complexities and challenges . We use this unique experience of ours to decode life , relations and meaning . We learn to value our uniqueness and others , the necessity to identify and respect our differences . The key to finding solutions to our problems in the process finding solutions to problems that affect the large . Yes we have certain abilities that form our strength which we develop and skill over the years through training , experience and knowledge . This knowledge not just come from learning but also practicing and seeing for others that is through empathy . This new strength of our then leads the way to our true calling. True calling comes from accepting us truly as we are rather trying to fit in the perfect picture or others view of life. In process taking decisions , making choices that represent our true selves without looking for fitting in and loosing our true identity in the process.

We al have a bent towards certain art , skills or knowledge with innate curiosity to know more and develop them . Some of these skills are achieved through formal training and practice , but the actual soul to this skills comes from our outlook to life . Our ability to put life in to these skills . To be able to connect ourselves and connect others through these skills .Which develops with facing various spectrums of human emotions , relations and challenges . In the process we learn to find our true calling through our interests in putting it to use for greater cause and in turn receive greater satisfaction an contentment than for our own success. In your path to true calling you will meet people who share the same goals , some will help you making their parts, some will lead you to the path and even after all that when you see your true calling you will know its exactly all there for a larger cause.

Many a times we are trapped with situations , challenges and necessities we give up on our interest for ways to meet ends or needs . But its never late nor it stops one from developing and using those skills in their life to build them stronger , for when true calling will come you will be equally prepared to embrace it , Don’t give up on your dreams or interests but in the path don’t give up on your responsibilities too , when time is right and you ready your true calling will be waiting right there for you.

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