You learn

You learn

From failures.

From others.

From observing.

From living.

From mistakes.

From faults.

From relations.

From betrayals.

From critics.

From skeptics.

From mentors.

From books.

From life.

From lives.

Every moment of living,

Teaches us many things.

Learning to see beyond thats me.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved

13 thoughts on “You learn

    1. Yes you like posts on humanity, empathy and compassion. Thankyou I am really glad you like my posts.

      1. The pleasure is mine, that’s because I am not old enough to understand the other post, but I will definitely check your other post soon, I want to give them a chance (:

      2. Its said empathy is highest form of intelligence if you understand that you will know everything .I am sure you are much knowledgeable than your age..I am always happy to hear from you.I will write more such posts which you will like.

      3. I agree, I am still on my way to really understand what it means to be empathetic. That is really considerate of you, and I will broaden my perspective by reading your wonderful posts so please continue to write as you do, because you have a wonderful way with words! Thank you very much! Likewise it is always a pleasure reading your work

      4. Thankyou for your appreciation it means a lot , I put in a lot of thought and reflection into my work and I feel really happy when it connects with others.🥰❤️

      5. Rest assured you do a wonderful job, and your effort behind your post is evident! Looking forward to reading more from you! Happy writing!❤

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