My Journal 41. To be a part or not

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The freedom to do what one wants to , intend to , or choose not to be part of what feels wrong looses it value in the process we decide to be part of these groups , groups that control and influence our choices , decisions or think for us . Unwillingly , silently we become part of their operations once a part of these groups .These are self made groups to meet personal ends or gain power, to create pressure to make others succumb to their ways with strength in numbers . These groups could be from anywhere from where you live , work , social or family surroundings. We need to make efforts to understand the power and group dynamics in such situations and make conscious and informed choices.

There is a constant power of control within these groups who regulate thoughts and actions within the group based on the position or importance they hold. They use their power to their own benefit to lead the group which now submits to all actions or decisions in the hands of theses powerful elements. There is a problem here, they influence people within this group to see and act through their vision of right and wrong. Many a times even when not willing or against these decisions or implementation , people within the group submit to it. There is strength in numbers but no evaluation , validation or questioning within these groups gives the power in wrong hands to decide for all. Its like once you are part of it you go with the flow , whether you are with it or against ot you don’t get to raise your thoughts or concerns because of power dynamics that operate these groups.

Some elements within these groups make effort to gain power and make their importance felt through works they implement in their surroundings. After successful implementing works or executing tasks, they claim their control or influence over others as they are working for others benefit . They self establish themselves to decide , to think, to control over others within the group and their relations with ones outside the group . They grow in power with the indirect support they receive in numbers who submit to their ways fearing of being left out or facing indifference .Yes many even submit in the influence of the power being right ,recognise them as their protectors or benefactors which they make others feel through constant self appreciation. These elements take strength from numbers , working for the crowd and then claim to have control over them. Sometimes these elements gain power through other reasons like wealth , skills , fame or positions achieved in their fields.

With time these power dynamics is used to suppress voices , concerns , questions within and outside the groups. This power gives them to use the strength of numbers to their benefit also canceling out any opposition . There is a feeling of importance in their position which is given undue importance and spread within the group to accept them as the power , to labeling them and giving their word as the final word for all within the group. Now the ideologies these power carry become that of the group too. The greatest fear of being left out from majority drives many to be part of these groups. To the extent they are not only influenced but also testify , justify all actions or decisions made by the powerful elements . In process these elements gain strength in numbers , acceptance , support and consent.. All this works like peer pressure leaving out others not part of the ideologies or those questioning their actions or decisions fall in a troubled situation of going against the majority indirectly.

Sometimes there are elements within groups who operate hideously or secretively with their evil activities . Even if spoken out or brought to light receives the entire support and coverup from the group , to keep the group sanctity or name intact. This strength in numbers is used to coverup those acts of evils operating from within just to maintain the groups reputation and power. More than just groups these are indirectly operating under the power of few elements who use the strength in numbers to get their ways achieved and gain power at the same time.

One can always choose to stand alone , and it is a conscious decision and not same as being lonely. It is to preserve ones freedom to power, to make choices and not be part of that is wrong. To keep control of your voice , actions and intentions and keep your support to yourself. Also not being part of the group doesn’t deny the right to speak up for yourself or against wrongs . You can speak for issues and raise concerns even if that get termed as going against the majority of the group , which is actually run by power dynamics of few elements.

There are many level of complexities and intricacies involved when it comes to power and group dynamics. Make a wise choice ” to be part or not” to value your freedom , decisions and choices and conscience . If it suppresses the freedom to think , speak , act , respond or react you always have the rights to decide.

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