Big Skills 9. Creativity

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Creativity is in choosing life to live the way you want creating experiences . It is the ability to express those emotions , ideas , topics in ways that are different being able to present them through a different angle and details.It is our inbuilt tendency to work on solutions generated through our unique ways , ideas , possibilities in the process of trying to find solutions for ourselves or for others .It is an escape from reality to entertain to live those realms unknown and have a imaginary trip down the lane.

The ability to create invent something to bring something that has an angle of yours , your ways of detailing , describing , presenting to this world. Creativity has the ability to connect to hearts, sometimes for the interests of large. Creativity is being unique, bringing yours new fresh perspective to life. Where we exchange and learn this new ways and cancel out any race. Creativity is something one is very naturally that comes naturally , yes it needs time to render, to grow , to travel, experience and evaluate. But finally find its own place.

It speaks from within just as you discover your true self and connect from your soul. It develops a completeness inside you in the process learning and better you every time. In the race with your kind never give up on the creativity in you, Because its this creativity that helps you sail through your troubled times. It has the answers to your difficulties.

Creativity is not perfection is just ones unique , discovered form of expression , communication. Coming up with your own ideas or process to creating or doing things. Creativity is something not common between people , it is all that is outside norms followed or accepted in an institution. These skills could be used to express varied emotions , thoughts , ideas or one could use skills learned in their fields to create some new creations. There is creativity to see those details , to find ways , to see things differently. It inspires , informs and motivates other in a different way connect to their emotions and feelings.

The rat race is a loss to creativity where everybody is chasing the post racing for the same goal. It is in creativity we learn to keep out of the race.Creativity is expressed through in art , expressing oneself .

Creativity is a process you grow along with your experience , let it be a part of you in your journey as you live those challenges , to solve them through your own ways .

Creativity could be anything or everything , it may be something never known, Something just so simple to connect to all, Something complex beyond minds to perceive, Something right there not noticed, Something you discovered , something you believed in .

To all the creative people out there to keeping creativity alive through their works , making believe to chasing dreams and unique ways.

Creativity in all form is what defines human kind a creativity of creation none are same kind.

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