No Gain without Pain.

Words to Assure you in Pain.

Pains .

Pains that pass.
Pains that last.
Pains that alleviate.

Pains that you take.
Pains other gave.

Pains you endure.
Pians you fight.
Pains you suffer.
Pains to achieve.

Pains of past.
Pains of living.

Pains that make you strong.
Pains that break bonds.

Pains that release bondage. Pains that you share among.

Pains that broke you .
Pains that rebuild new.

Pains that are no more.
Pains you feel no more.

Pains from self.
Pains from own.
Pains from love.
Pains from unknowns.

Some feel the pain in others.
Some cant see beyond their pain.
Some inflict pain.
Some relieve the pain in others.

Pain in all forms,
mental , physical , emotional …
Humankind facing in one form or the other.
There are Pains we never will know.
There are Pains we have known.

There is no pain less or more.

Next time you feel you alone are in pain

Think of all the pains you haven’t known.
Be kind to all, help release those pains in others and own.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

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