My Journal . 39 Timestamps

I have been behind the scenes for really long away from social media , zero contact with people I knew from college life  , just disappeared from everybody’s sight mainly after college was done.I did this to actually deal with my life and problems settle things that just needed focus and recovery . After around 12 years due to pandemic I realised I needed to reconnect and tried finding my traces back to people I knew from places I had been . Found many on facebook , thankful to them for remembering me and accepting me just as I appeared years after from nowhere.

But something happened ,time kind of froze for me as I wasn’t in contact with any of them , I remember the versions of them from still those times . Many have got married , have kids , their features changed so have I , but since I missed their journey it was kind of difficult to change the picture I had of them in my mind as I saw through their profiles. I got into contact with some though many are on the friend profile only , what really felt good was they identified me through my name even after so many years and let me be part of their list without keeping any  reservation or questions about my journey I had when I was gone.

These people who form parts of our lives due to various reasons or in  timeline , do have an impact on our lives and vice versa.They have known us and seen a part of us may be  it was a timestamp only but still a part of our journey. They carry memories of you from those times. When you meet them or connect to them time freezes back to those time , you go for a trip with them back to time when you and that person and the environment was different .Its like teleporting to that time and reliving those memories .

In an attempt to reconnect I found many parts of life from those timestamps . We are so involved with our lives and problems we tend to forget or even loose many beautiful parts from our timeline , its then those who have formed part of those memories actually help you remember and relive those times. Yes we cant be connecting every now and then , nor everybody is geographically reachable. But we are connected as we share a timestamp from our lives.

I held myself really long thinking I dont need to be known , to connect, to share my problems or journey to all . Thats when I started writing to speak myself out . There were times I just wished I could share topics or stories to people but just didnt know whom or didnt have the right people who knew me or understand those stories.Thats when I though I should connect or search for a community with similar thought process . And the first people I could think of was people who knew me from some point in life. We shouldn’t break connections no matter how difficult times one goes through because we all carry memories of timeline from each others lives and thats really an important possession, though we go different ways and never be able to meet again.

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