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Hi friends ,

I have published my first ebook on Kindle amazon .

Life Just As It Is: My Journey as I Reflect, Reassure, Reconnect and Rebuild (My Journal And Poems) 

This is the first book in the series My Journal and Poems . Will publish other books in series in coming time , details of the series is as below. Pls check the link to buy and drop a review. I would need all your support to keep chasing my passion in writing , blogging and as an author.

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Summary of the book :

See through those complexities of life , relations and society that we feel trapped in .Ways we can break from them , solve them and take a new approach to a balanced life .To remind you of all of those answers were always just within so that you can live life just the way it is, yet learn to walk through those difficulties. Do check out more books in the series .Words to reassure you to find strength that’s in there, to reconnect within and outside , rebuild a new you for a new world and challenges, reflect and seek answers to the most difficult questions of life.
A perspective of a woman who faces a lot and still wants to balance everything , putting her heart out ,yet balancing with her intelligence . Learning through experience to tackle in the most sensible and logical way in such difficult times when all is on her shoulders .There are going to be ups and down , pasts we are fighting , a society that speaks and behaves differently .Yet we will put our best foot forward , never give up on our dear ones and stand strong for self. Speaking our heart out not looking for approval , serving with all we got not looking for appreciation. We will make our space , handle brilliantly all in our plate and still stand by you to give all the love and support to grow.
With changing times and the new normal challenges at personal , family and social front have coined new terms like work from home , online education , changing economy and business ventures, superwomen of the house , social distancing and responsibility , family integration.This has effected my life in many ways and given a timeout to reflect my life through my passion of writing. This is a book of self help in these tough times for people from various ages , roles , gender for those challenges in our life with self , family , relations and society.

Series Details :

Words to reassure you to find strength that’s in there, to reconnect within and outside , rebuild a new you for a new world and challenges, reflect and seek answers to the most difficult questions of life.

The first part to series of 4 books from My Journal and Poems 1 – ” Life Just As It Is” seeks to answer questions to decode self , find our voice , follow our heart and being unique in our own ways.

The second part My Journal and Poems 2 – “Relations And Influence ” seeks to address our relations with others , society at large , influence of the society and people on our lives and generation.

The third part My Journal and Poems 3 – “Life and Meaning” connecting life to spiritual search , our responsibility to lives and environment. Making informed choices and help others grow together as we make our place in this world.

The fourth part My Journal and Poems 4 – “The Circle Of Life ” speaks of our duty and service within our inner circle of life in families are roles for the coming generation to build a stronger bond with life based on love and our role in sustainability.

Note :

A special thank you to my family , who always motivated me to write and blog . A special thanks to my WordPress community to my friends here , followers, to blogs i follow . I found inspiration , motivation and courage to keep writing and for those encouraging and appreciating words and likes which kept me going. Pls keep supporting me because this place not only lets creativity breathe but also gives right guidance to grow as a writer.🥰💖💗💖.I received guidance from a dear blogger friend , from my facebook friends – great authors ,who helped me understand this process of publishing in detail and put up with all my questions patiently.Thankyou to them for being my support without them i would me still half way .

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      1. Had some problems with formatting you know how its , first time publishing. So had to redo .

      2. Thankyou for now I have made changes and updated lets see if it gets updated . they have told to increase some dimensions .

      3. Sure, but it’s my personal experience that in paperback edition you can go with notionpress. Kindle paperback is not user friendly😐
        But you can ask me if you have any issue regarding Kindle 😊

      4. But notion isnt free right , and innpast few days thru my friends I have got this too many details abt publishing , wat abt lulu

      5. Will update you about the paperback , really thanks for the help .

      6. I needed more info on those other details too but for now since it was first book I just chose options without much thought