My Journal 38. Defining the limits

Somethings in life are better not judged as less or more .Because these things can become a part of our system and in the process we ourself loose the control to keep it within limits or draw the line between less or more. Such things are best kept out of our system and life . Like anger, extreme negative emotions or addictions of all kind – substance abuse, to technology addictions , compulsive contents, gaming , social media , shopping, trends in todays world . These become so much part of our system that not only breaking from it becomes impossible but it controls us and our lives to an extent even if we are aware we find our selves helpless, to submit to ways we never would want to go down. In the process as it becomes part of our system we loose the distinction between how its effecting our system. More than that it becomes a part of us that’s seems natural and difficult to exercise restraint .

Many a times these become part of life with interests un harmful or to meet entertainment needs or natural way of reaction .Yes sometimes these are introduced through wrong decisions , immaturity , curiosity , introduced sometimes subjected to pressure , circumstances or situations , sometimes beyond our control or consent, emotional imbalance , effects of our past etc.These issues or compulsions is best addressed at their entry level when the choice is still in our hands. Rather than setting boundaries of little or more , being sensible not to give into these ways and give them null importance in our lives , puts a stop at it before it takes over. The reason being not everybody is well equipped physically or mentally or medically to handle the effects or control its impact on our system and life around us. Every person has different response , reaction and effects of these elements on their mental , emotional and physical well being depending upon their capacity to tackle the effects . We need to exercise our strength to make informed choices especially when we are in an age and position we take responsibility of our actions and results it will have on our life without falling to peer pressure or need to be trendy. Yes once its already part of system the efforts to keep it out of the system takes double the fight and will power, in everyday for rest of our lives trying to keep them away from coming back to our lives. Sometimes its beyond choice in such conditions its a fight greater trying to keep its effect off our system and stop it from creating space for more negativity in other forms. Support , counselling and medical treatment becomes a part of the recovering and healing process .

As parents or mentors it becomes very important to discuss and make kids aware of all that is boundaries or limitations at the right age of development without any inhibition explaining to them why its a responsibility on their part to make these informed decisions and not accept these as part of their system , how it affects the system and damaging effects it can have in long term , freedom from these stuff and the fight back , being aware ,alert and informed . Let them open up and ask questions and answer their curious minds with right guidance instead trying to find ways to check them out themselves through other ways. Let them know you are ready to talk about all and help them with their questions . How its ok and much necessary to know about everything and be informed rather fall into wrong concepts and information from unreliable sources or ways . Anger and extreme emotions and feelings too need to be spoken about .How it effects our relations , mental well being , professional and social life if not checked within limits .Helping them gain control through counselling , meditation and yoga to help themselves control extreme emotions with time as they grow.A strong communication bond based on trust and love and open channels without judgment is necessary to speak about boundaries yet accepting our true self .Thus working out ways and help them gain better control over their lives .

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