Book in Process…..

Hi friends , my first book is in process of making from topics from my journal and poems.It will be a book with topics on self help , motivation, life and relations . Hope I make it through, will need your positive support and well wishes . I need to thank friend bloggers here who have motivated me through their works and helped me through my queries about writing a book .

Pls give your valuable suggestions I need to consider or make sure to have successful publishing.Wish me all the best.

15 thoughts on “Book in Process…..

    1. You are a true friend i always have words of great support from you . i thankyou for your support and belief in my work and for all your well wishes.

    1. Thank you dear your words and appreciation and positivity have been a source of strength to me .it means a lot as you are a great motivation writer and your poems are very inspiring .

    1. Thankyou yes i hope it gets better everytime , though this time I am trying to understand the process and get it published . I really need to improve more when I look at it editing .looks like we always like we do new better than before.But still I will publish it , there were thoughts behind it too.

      1. That is awesome! We start somewhere and then we grow and as rightly said by you we do! Looking forward to seeing your book get published!

      2. That really gave me confidence , thank you for your words I really needed them for now

    1. Thankyou very much your wishes gives me strength to keep trying and following my passion for writing , its my first attempt though i dont have very high expectations , i want to explore the experience as an author .THough blogging is my first choice to writing. I have found inspiration in your works and others here to explore more with writing and grow .