Don’t judge me

Don’t judge me.

I have an earring for every occasion.

I choose colors for every emotions.

I know to walk the line.

I know when you cross the line.

I can read what you think.

I am not that naive you think.

I know how to care.

I know what it feels when you dont care .

I trust you when you say you are there for me.

I respect you when you accept you are because of me .

I carry all that makes me pretty.

I want you to look beyond, to see my beauty.

I dont want you to judge me

I want you to know beyond what I put up to be.

I am more than all you want me to be.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

5 thoughts on “Don’t judge me

    1. We shouldn’t be but we easily get judged and taken for granted.thats what I tried to speak.I am glad our thoughts on this is the same , I am sure many women out there feel the same too.

    1. So true , and you don’t let your life leave control in another’s hand , by giving them the power to judge you

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