Stone World

In this world of stones,

I want to be a beating heart.

Its not that easy,

All stones around ,

You start to doubt,

You too are one rock .

But then your,

Heart speaks .

And now it wants,

Another heart to share,

To feel , to care , to love.

And left no choice,

You decide to ,

Put heart in these stones .

You could not make one ,

And so decided to ,

Find the one inside these stones.

These stones too had heart once.

Some hearts gave up to be among others.

Some hearts hurt so they turned to stones.

Some hearts forgot to beat so they froze.

Some hearts ignored stopped beating on own.

My beating heart,

Gave them love,

Hope and life.

Now they too ,

Have a heart that beats.

Like magic touch of midas,

My beating heart,

Turned every stone ,

I touched to a beating heart.

Now our hearts ,

Will need more hearts .

And will change every other stone to a beating heart.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “Stone World

  1. This is beautiful Gayathri. ❤️❤️
    My beating heart,Turned every stone,I touched to a beating heart.Now our hearts ,Will need more hearts .And will change every other stone to a beating heart.loved these lines ..

    1. Thank You, I think this post is going to special for me too , sometimes we cant recreate something like this. It was just spontaneous and I wanted to write about current world and love and compassion and healing.

      1. Thank you for your beautiful and motivating words . I find strength in them to pen more thoughts that connect to all .

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