My Journal 51. Laugh it off

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Its , The ability to laugh at own self to help us to face our true selves and yet  embrace and accept it as part of ourselves makes life lovable. To be able to accept ourselves just as we are , among our near ones is a great boost to being ourselves.

Family or our inner circle is this very comfortable space we are ready to be ourselves , not hiding a part of us we don’t want others to know. We spend so long together whether one says it or not the other knows all about you see you being through all your ups and down , your reactions , growth , change . But then there are part of us very distinguishable , a characteristic, a feature or something that stands out . Many a times we have fear facing this ourselves covering it up with all that we can so as to not make it very obvious . But no matter how hard you try its so embedded in your identity the only best you could do is accept and let others accept you with that. This process of acceptance and self acceptance and let it be out there comes from being open about it normalized within our inner circle.

They make us feel how it is ok to have that unique distinguishing feature , how its acceptable as a part of me and comes along with being me . This reduces the feeling of self consciousness , low self esteem and gives more strength to respond positively if called out or faced at a certain situation. The reason why we need a inner circle and family who accepts us in totality it gives the strength to stand stronger and know we are with all that makes us who we are. These inner circle never make us realize its something we have to be conscious about , feel different , instead make it feel so common . We can have a laugh about it without the feeling of let down . We all do know something about each other and we know to laugh at it not to let another down , but to celebrate the uniqueness we bring into the variety of human complexities in nature , response , reactions , thoughts and emotions.

At home many a times there are challenges at personal , relations or professional level. Some of it one keeps to self , some of it is a part of the family as all working for it together or in it to help another . Whether one speaks of it openly or not our inner circle knows of it there just by being around us , speak to them without holding it back, may be they can help you ways you alone could not have thought of or at least help you accept it and feel normal about it . Its necessary to lighten the atmosphere even as we are working on our struggles . Give it a positive outlook that’s how it is going to be or the situation demands so . They can help you be self aware so as it does not effects ones life and relations in a negative way but still help you keep working on it. Pointing it out, to label or correct it isn’t always going to work , sometimes giving space and time to build those areas but in the process let us help them and embrace them for what they are in a fun way without letting it put them down.

6 thoughts on “My Journal 51. Laugh it off

    1. Thank you , yes we should laugh it off , rather than holding onto it thats what family is for , they accept us with all that we are.

    1. Yea something part of my family , use it to ease my kids with their peculiar nature or features.

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