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Food for thought

I have always come up with creative ways to teaching and challenges in parenting. Recently it was difficult to get my kids out from tv watching and me yelling or pushing them everytime stopped making sense . It created an atmosphere for irritation and frustration which they would display with their behaviour. Sometimes they would wait for me to get busy and start again. One of my daughter does listen to if spoken with loving words and would give up on watching and get to do something more fruitful or understand the need to shift her attention. My other one is a bit stubborn and doesn’t even give up on loving words.I had to work this out someway , everyday reminding her she then holding grudge and going half hearted to other work did not make sense.

I came up with this thought where they need to taught about food for brain or food for thought. They have been learning from their early years right from start how some food are healthy and other junk. This is mainly due to recent trends in eating habits which is adversely effecting our sgeneration.They are taught this to make their choice how one food satisfies their taste , cravings , likings yet in a quantity above limits just damages their system and effects seen through illness or sickness. How they have to choose healthy food even if they prefer or have liking of junk food to carre for themselves to maintain good health . which is a important carrier , strength for all that they do or want to do so they need to think for their body.

Now food for thought . With growing exposure to cartoons , kids videos , which entertain them make learning fun . Though most of the time they prefer those meaningless one that enact some meaningless scenes or are funny or have little knowledge to give . Continuously being exposed to it really effects their ability to think , learn , memorise.,Though they are attracted to it for entertainment , keeps them engaged , connect to them easily , they need to be told how its junk food for their brain : more of it is going to go inside it is going to do harm and hurdles to their brain development and usage in life and learning and growth.

The learning material provided to them or taught to them has the contents which act as healthy food for the brains . they need to take the responsibility of choosing these to feed their brains with these contents to make it work healthy and develop to help them face and implement various tasks and works which is necessary for life and growing age for their own independence , knowledge , develoments.How this junk food is going to keep their brains wrongly engaged in turn keeping them away from those right foods that are needed to grow .

Now tell them how its their responsibility to take the effort on their own and not wait for a call or alarm to ring to make them turn to these healthy foods for brain and body. It will be always ready as their parent are making efforts to give them these healthy options prepared healthy food , learning resources , help materials , teaching and guidance .But its finally upto them to reject the option of junk and make an effort to pick up the healthy choice which has been prepared with great effort. Things don’t move on their own they have to put an effort to choose these option and take steps to feed themselves to their system.

Once they see the effects of these healthy inputs they realise what unhealthy habits or foods do to their system and why shouldn’t it be chosen at least not beyond limits.

I don’t know all this is going to work and for how long , but i am not giving up .

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