My Journal 36. The Over – Type

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Hi friends , i have been always receiver of the title of over thinker from my college days to real life. I have had my challenges and had to work on ways to achieve in spite those unusual and difficult circumstances in my life and around my loved ones because me complaining wouldn’t have helped me out, this got me wrongly labeled so . I not only worked on these ways but got result and achievements many were shocked to see.

These terms over conscious , over protective , over emotional , over sensitive , over responsible, over perfection .These are some over terms people very easily use to label others that don’t fall into their bracket. I never accept these terms as true because these are mainly subjective and if a person has priorities or choices or responses different, that seems intense to another or more than average persons capacity it comes in the over category. People are very quick to make judgments without knowing the background details or reasons or necessity behind those emotions ,actions or choices.

Sometimes thinkers , reflectors , philosophers , researchers , inventors, artists who go beyond what general norms follow , thinking out of the box , come up with their unique ways also fall into this over category . Now that seems over for others but may be a natural way of thinking , thought or attitude for them that drives them to find or look in to those details , domains , fields with a unique or new perspective .It could be their affinity to those topics or areas of interest which easily connects to them.It could be in their difference to be able to see beyond common perspective or visions.

Even though called an over thinker , i never judged or advised people on ways instead implemented my ways into my life. And people would judge me seeing my dedication and detailing to doing things or talk and come up with this opinion . Their opinion about me being an over thinker always had this answer to me , what seems over thinking for them is just level 1 of my thinking. So could it be with people who are overly sensitive or emotional may be they feel more for themselves or others than us , over responsible people lives drive and find motivation in doing good for others but whether its over is totally for them to decide . yes there is need to draw a line which one decides for themselves not doing harm or letting it cause troubles for themselves or others around .

There is a main reason for being labelled over is that others see from their perspective , choices , and capabilities and find the other to be over in comparison to them . If a person is working for social cause or enviroment or fighting social evils or making a difference that person goes beyond his comfort zone , view towards life , its beyond ones benefit alone this requires a thinking , intention and ability to feel above just ones circle of life so that too could be labelled over too. Some believe in the strength of their will and power to bring in change for self or their loved ones , to make it happen and work out ways that seems impossible to many around that too is considered over.

Sometimes breaking culture norms and making choices based on rational thinking or choosing paths that work with changing times needs one to follow a different path than the crowd that too gets labeled over .Sometimes necessity or challenges in life needs one to be prepared , organised , well thought to deal with their issues . Also people with issues like being disorganised , lack of attention or memory or limited social skills , Make their ways or strategies to deal with problems or control over negative effects , that may seem like over to common minds but is actually their way of life to cope . It is indeed a well thought way and planning to carry on their daily activities without hurdle or constant support even in their unusual circumstances.

Next time when one labels someone over due to their unique ways or choices or attitude towards life . Its just that the perspective , capability , choices and interests differ or don’t match the standards built in another’s own minds .

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