My Journal 35. “I am ok with this”

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Hi friends , if one is kind of a person who learns from everybody , who is flexible ,willing for change . But that gives way to lot of opinions how and what to do , unsolicited advise .

There are many people out there who think they know everything about everything , and hold an ego of being the best to put down or tell others or correct others is like their job . They find being critical and judgemental a way to show their greatness in knowledge or fields .But true mark of knowing everything comes from being humble and always ready to listen to or acknowledge other side exists.Being polite and tolerant of ones opinions and others differences.

We don’t have to react to every advise or judgment passed on us that tells us how we should be doing things right or are not doing it the right way. Its ok to stand for oneself to say this who i am and its ok for me. I made this choice or this what i want or how i want it to be . This is not being rude or ignoring others views or ideas . Its just keeping boundaries and making clear of your zone . That works best for you , that you know about you , that is different about you , that there is a reason you chose the way you do or live .

I am not saying we should turn down every advise we receive and live in our own world and keep doing things our way . But it is equally necessary to be self aware and practise self advocacy . You can speak up for yourself , tell what matters to you and how you want something to be for you because that suits or connects to you better.Many people use their ways to make you believe that they have the right advise or ways for you or they know what’s right for you , which is not true .You can always take up suggestions , ideas , critics but don’t let that affect you .Analyse yourself and your choices before submitting to others ways and stand for your ways or life when you know exactly that’s what you want and works for you.

At the same time after evaluation if you find a mistake in your ways, acknowledge and implement the process to change that works best for you . You can also ask questions to know more about the topic or research on it from your side and the other side to compare and weigh reasons , benefits and ways . This means you know yourself better when you are taking advises or opinions and not necessary all suits you or you have to comply to all . In those situations be polite to clear your points firmly and directly , so that you make your stand and views known.

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11 thoughts on “My Journal 35. “I am ok with this”

  1. Nice post. Reading your post, I recollected the Sanskrit shloka from Hitopodesha, which were taught in our childhood.

    विद्या ददाति विनयं विनयाद्याति पात्रताम् ।
    पात्रत्वाद्धनमाप्नोति धनाद्धर्मं ततः सुखम् ॥

    Knowledge makes one humble, humility begets worthiness, worthiness creates wealth and enrichment, enrichment leads to right conduct, right conduct brings contentment.

    1. Thanks for sharing , I too have learnt a lot through shlokas and our great epics and bhagavad gita . all that form the base of my thoughts , life and decisions . I am really thankful for you sharing this shloka to remind us of those words again.

      1. That’s my name changed after marriage , I have a name before that its Krishnaveni

      2. I think it meant flute may be . yes I knew many mantras and shlokas but with time my memory kind of lost many though I remember some important ones

      3. Yes, true. It’s difficult to remember mantras and shlokas as we dont use them frequently.
        As per my knowledge, veni is braid of hair or stream. Krishnaveni is one with black braid of hair or krishna river. I have also lost the touch. Need to check. Anyway, the name is sweet. That’s important.

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