My Journal 34. Karma

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Many talk about one thing is that how karma will get back or how it serves right what one deserves. I don’t know how the Karma works or what it is but what i have read and researched about and it looks . We should be taking responsibility for our actions , thoughts and footprints we live . How we affect lives around intentionally and not letting negative emotions drive our actions or choices. In basic logic we take decisions for ourselves we learn from them see failures and change paths . But with this experience we become conscious and mindful and how we can positively or negatively affect lives around us .

We learn to use our strength , skills , knowledge for service of others or for advantage of self .if i go by logic its very much in our decisions that ultimately leads to building our experiences and thought process we become the person in future . Now this already paves the way to challenges , troubles and failures you are about to face and that becomes what you are about face sooner or later .Your strength of resilience , power of learning and rising from failures too comes from these decisions and thought process developed and changed through experiences .

Now when a person with greed or jealousy goes around creating troubles for another’s life by playing games or negativity , he may achieve success in his plans, But now the person facing troubles learns a lesson and moves on with a new attitude and better approach or ways to stand strong .Though now the person filled with jealousy is in another trap , since his plans worked he starts believing more in those ways and this gives a boost to his jealous nature .He doesn’t make an effort to put in or bring in best of him instead is focused on designing ways to satisfy his jealous nature . With times people subjected to his ways grow and learn new skills and upgrade in life , but the one with jealousy forgot to focus on self development or never found it necessary. That’s when karma serves him right now he cant stand the test of time , competitions , skills needed to survive and sinks into a black hole of his own decisions and choices .That’s a simple example of how karma is actually what we have prepared in waiting right there for us.

Sometimes people are putting selfless service and efforts the benefits of which they will not see in their lifetime or don’t expect any return. Karma becomes a blessing then they too attract unexpected ways from other sources that do good to them in times of need or distress and that’s when people find themselves lucky or blessed . This selfless service makes one contented and happy with life , challenges don’t seem to dither them as they are seeing for others and know the joy of giving . This makes them empathetic , kind and humble so their decisions and choices are well thought through highest intelligence . This finally prepares a karma that serves them the fruit of their thoughts .

Sometimes these are just waiting from the past for you were in ways you regretted .There is no escape but when you still have time and have realised, one can do best to prepare oneself and trying to make your part to correct for those actions. This process of accepting and going through the change and correction of past itself becomes a serve of our Karma as it’s not an easy path to break and rebuild a new self .Its tougher then building something new , its path that requires one to fight within ones Inner fears , devils and negative emotions .And then you carry the gifts of knowledge that comes from rising from them and learn to help others through their struggles.

Karma is not something someone else is preparing for you , its like you preparing for yourself to be served in coming time and preparing yourself to face it .

Just to inform this one page of article is incomplete to define Karma which is something lot more than words , I have tried to speak about a very small part of it that says how karma gets back at people.My knowledge in this is not complete though I have tried to use logic and research to say what I think.

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6 thoughts on “My Journal 34. Karma

  1. I believe that karma isn’t just about you hurting other people then getting what’s coming to you. I also believe it is in line with your intent, that whatever you do on a daily basis shapes what you are, and the more you go in either direction, the more your life changes. Anyway, thanks for this post!

    1. Thanks for reading and your thoughts , yes that too ,our intent comes from our thoughts and choices , its just not in doing the job the thought behind it .Finally that shapes what you are going to become and face.

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