Pondering Question 2 . Power of choice

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Hi this is from set of pondering questions where i would like to discuss and know your thoughts from real world either through general or personal perspective.Please do drop in your views.

So today i would like to know about, How do we use the power of choice ?

Let me put an imaginary twist to this question imagine we are given a magic wand for a day and we cant use it for our benefit then how would one use it and for whom ? First of all it would be a waste for many who cant use it to their benefit .But with this one gets the power to choose for others , take decisions that would make them or break them .We use it consciously calculating the effects , after effects , all those effects that will occur in ripples , directly , indirectly . And if we sit down to calculate we wont be able use it, thinking of the complexities it could create in peoples lives and imbalance that it will bring .

We can use the power of choices best only when we have faced or known all facets of the situation which can’t alone come from our own experience . These need you to broaden your vision and horizon of thoughts beyond what we know and have seen or experienced . This could be from other sources , learning , empathy , worldly knowledge , travelling , relations . When we make choices for self it becomes easier to focus on ones benefit but what if you need to consider the choices that doesn’t make loss to another or benefits all ? But has a lot of struggles and sacrifice .Will you be willing to analyse all options and angles or weigh them in terms of benefits and returns alone.

Time or money is not the constraint that drives ones choices its more of our mindset , our bent to life whether we are self focused or we are ready to take up a harder path that benefits all . Yes sometimes we are driven by others choice or have no choice , but still we have a choice to break that in coming time for our loved ones could have power of choice. Many a times we are in position and power to make choices for selves and our loved ones , and that’s the real testing times of our integrity .

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