Pondering Questions 1. Disciplining or Reasoning

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Hi friends i would be writing short articles about the most debatable or self check topics or questions related to life , parenting , kids .I want you to give your opinions with either a general or personal perspective , but please do not judge others because sometimes it could be of best of both sides depending on a situation or reasons we didn’t perceive .I want it to be a collection of thoughts and ideas that actually work in real world not that’s based or professed in ideal theories.I request you to be part of this discussion no matter whether you are a parent or not .As mentioned in one of my post i am not a very communicative person by nature. This is one of my attempt to try to connect the ideas and thoughts of my blog with real world . Hope you support me in this effort of mine to grow and connect.

So today i would like to discuss about the most basic question about facing challenges with parenting

Which works better disciplining or reasoning or both?

In some cultures disciplining is always given more importance , though reasoning is left for time and age .But current times have stressed the importance of reasoning in parent child relationship and how it works better .Discipline is used to punish , train , control , force ones attitudes or ideas without even knowing the other sides troubles or acceptance , to follow norms that defy logic or discourage questioning .Discipline is used when one tries to mould kids into something they clearly are not or cannot fit in .

Discipling could be used in situations that demand urgency or strictness to avoid from further harm to self or others .Or inability to follow manners or ethics even after repeated attempts to explain or bring in positive change .A last minute fix for troubles when you are the edge with many challenges or stress .When you believe and have been told discipling is the only way to bring children to follow self regulation and control . When implementing the rules is important with resources and time constraint and reasoning does not fit or cant we worked out and one needs a quick fix.

Over disciplining can damage confidence , make relations and communications weaker , sometimes leads to creating stubborn or negative emotions because of over controlling . Even if discipling is done it should be backed by reasoning and both for the child and the parent for the purpose it serves.

Let me know your side to this question . How can it be worked on ?

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