Helping Kids

Helping kids to face their difficult times is all that parents want to do especially when they can help them , with various challenges and troubles that future may hold or can prepare them for a better life through their experiences and knowledge.Most of the time we are trying so much we loose control of the boundaries , how much of it can the child actually understand at that age , how much the child is willing to implement, how much time and patience is needed to let it happen , What can motivate the child to be a part of the process , Does the child actually know why are you and he are putting in so much efforts for their life.When you wan to help with the change or process always back it with reasoning , details and explanations .Sometimes let them be part of the process and see for themselves how it brought about the change that effects their life in a positive way.

When we are free willingly and eagerly providing them helping hand or hand holding without they consciously even knowing how it effects their life . This has a major drawback you are working behind the scene and they see only the result in form of achievements or success .Without knowing the efforts or actual thought process behind making it a success. Though such children become great achievers in their fields or academics, in the process forget that these accomplishments are more than trophies,  actually a combination of efforts , planning , skills of their mentors or parents behind the scenes hard work , dedication and selfless service towards their goals and dreams.

They should learn to value humans , relations and emotions with success this is only possible if they are made aware right from young age how everybody is working together for one another’s lives and achievements .How coming together and putting ones best to help others improve in different areas of life . How parents form the support system by giving all the required resources , facilities , support , guidance , time , efforts, love, selfless service and experience without which it would never have been possible . This should be a regular conversation whether be it their achievement in academics or progress with their developments and milestones all worked as a unit .This is to create awareness how selfless service it is, to help them achieve the best and helped them work on their flaws or weak areas .

When you talk to them about your part or role , tell them how you dealt with their issues in detail,  how you went about solving their difficult issue , the details and techniques you worked on and how the result is visible. Give them details how this transformation has given them a great boost in life.At the same time remind them how they should have gratitude for all the support they received and value it . The challenges and troubles as parents one puts up through to go that extra mile to help and brining in the development for them in the right direction. This not only creates gratitude but  great bonding to communicate and trust for future life challenges.

Another thing is to not go out to the kids to always help them .Let them fail or face the troubles to know they too need help . This is very much important they should know they are not all knowing and will sometimes also need to ask for help .Let them come to you and tell them about the problem they face or issues to solve . Now when you tell them about ways or solutions or help them through they understand the value of your experience and knowledge but also learn to ask for help when needed . Do help them in the positive way without letting them down for coming up to you but also help them through ways they can work on their own the  next time .They learn its ok to ask for help and we all may need help sometimes . You too can let them help you with some work around at home to know their contribution too is valued and important .

Helping kids and seeking their help should be a two way process . Let them learn to ask for help and know everybody needs helps.This creates an attitude of gratitude and build stronger and trustful relations for a lifetime rather than a give and take attitude . Let them know how all this is selfless and based out of love without any expectation or attachment to returns and only for their own successful , happy and balanced life.

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