My Journal 31. Its always there inside

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Most Of the things we and even as children one thinks is uncable of is actually a mindlock due to fear of failures or low self esteem or lack of motivation and support or low self confidence.Sometimes all you need is a push to actually get down and try to do it on your own and you just realise it was all always there inside you, right there.We hold back from doing many things because have come across failures at start , not having the right support , fearing we can never do it due to various negativity self or other created.Sometimes these are due to having fed a lot of negativity from especially our close ones how we are incapable of doing it or will never be able to achieve it.

This is when parents , mentors play an important role not by hand holding or doing the work for their kids , but giving them much needed push and confidence to go and face and do it to believe it that nothing is impossible .You always work out ways when you are on the job if you have the attitude and mindset of moving through it , yes everybody come up through their own ways .We need to tell our kids to go and explore even those areas they don’t feel much confident about or they carry them as their weakness.But everything can be worked upon by finding the answers right within ourselves .This comes from actual practise or hand on and checking for insights from it and evaluating for better solution sthe next time .

As mentors we can observe them closely or where they have been facing challenges in their daily life or academics , highlight these points to them and remind them to work on regular basis.This will help them to be self aware and try and implement ways on those weak areas to solve them from being hurdles in future .Give your inputs to help them but do not put them down or call them their greatest drawbacks . Tell them how everybody has to work on their sets of weakness and how this helps them face the best version of themselves . Give them the confidence how the strength to solve and work on them lies within and identifying these areas.The necessity to work on ones weakness because there is where the greatest failures or blocks of our life come from .

When kids learn to work on their inner self , seeing self change and achieve control or work on their difficult areas, it gives them a sense of satisfaction and happiness how they can change themselves and can always work on those areas that have been their weakness in life whether socially , individually or at academics.This is a great way of helping kids bring self awareness with a confidence that they have it within selves to work on this to bring about the positive change.Also remind them to have patience and try for different possibilities or solution with support or on their own, as some of these areas though seem as big trouble are nothing much but finding the right ways that suits them best to solve those areas of life that always seem a hurdle or challenge or weakness.Let it be a cycle not a point of perfection where they can work in a continuous manner identifying , evaluating and implementing these changes in their life .Give them the greatest support that’s within themselves , Its always there inside.

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    1. Yes something we rely most on our lives where we find answers to everything.thankyou, 🥰

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