My Journal 30 . Healing

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Though i talk a lot about self improvement , emotional regulation , self awareness , resilience , mindfulness and reflective attitude ; I too have faced my share of troubles and challenges some of them the most difficult ones , we pray never to face for ourselves or our dear ones .I too have been at points when words , thoughts , my rational , logical thinking wouldn’t still help me move out or let go off that from my life , even if i do the effects of it would be very much visible around and in my life.

One thing i learnt we all in our lives would need healing from time to time especially after facing those situations or part of life being negatively affected or relations that leave us with a great impact negatively or times when we were at receiving end not having the power to fight it.This healing can be through mother nature , spirituality , colours , self care , reading , art or creativity , scents or smells , music or meditation and yoga.Yes there medical ways of counselling and medication for extreme circumstances , there are trained and expert professionals who provide alternative healing using practises like auras , astrology , gemstones , etc.

Some of these healing practices can be done by us alone without any special guidance through natural flow or our internal system responds by choosing itself to heal .Like following a creative form or art that helps to express and flow out those locked emotions or energies that one is holding back.

Colours automatically connect to you according to your vibes or mindset trying using colour around your home or dressing to keep you calm and help you heal.This theory and science behind colours is used behind gemology , auras and astrology too.

Certain kind of smells or scents of flowers or essential oils do the magic of triggering calm and peace in our current state of mind . Sound like some soothing music or music that you love or instruments like that of flute or sitar .Even music like mozart have proved to increase ones thinking and peace of mind or induce calm sleep .Sounds of chanting or mantras are used to heal some chakras in our body .

Meditation and yoga have been followed in many parts of the world over various age groups to bring stability in mind and a healthy body this also deals with balancing the chakras or kundalini in vedic science .It increases the focus and control over ones mind and body but higher levels should be practised only under guidance of a yoga guru.

Spirituality something we all connect through our religions though not limited to religion .spirituality can help you raise your aware ness to the supreme power and help you heal seeking help to handle your mind , body , soul without letting your past or present situation or fear of future effect ones goals or duties towards life .There are many branches of reaching spiritual plane or practices like the zen .

Ayurveda branch of medicine has knowledge of various herbs and combinations in the form of liquid medicine or oils , to heal from even the greatest injuries or mental disturbances .It is a great collection of scriptures written over many centuries before and practised by many religious and spiritual branches .

Love the most important of all healing not only in seeking but as you give love in any form either as service or selfless love to humanity or relations .This helps you heal from your pains by giving another support to move or heal from their pain.

Mother nature the greatest gift to mankind and we can pass on to our coming generation if we learn to take care of it and help it heal .A visit to mother nature or spending time in mother nature has the most healing effect from our daily stress and life.

I am not an expertise or mastery of al the knowledge or practices about healing.But some point in life we all would need healing in some form or the other as we face challenges or troubles or relations that leave an impact deep and we need to clear those blocks so that we can keep living and radiating our inner positivity to our loved ones and life around .Because life is finally what you feel or think inside and the world just is a reflection of what you carry within or how you respond to .Heal yourself and help your loved ones heal.

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