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Just a perfect coverup
For the last minute .
When you know
You haven’t the right skills.
The longer path seems
Boring and tiring.
The result matters
at any costing.
Congrats yourself
on achieving.
You know ways
that lead leaping.
Where you skipped all
that training and failing.

But it does
Not bring you happiness .
Nor makes you capable .
Nor makes you feel worthy .
Nor lets you stand the test of times .
Not able to hold on even if you own that .

You lost a battle you never fought .
You have nothing to rely back on.
You haven’t taken chances when you had.
You find yourself in a mess.
You blame all that’s not you.

Just to realise
Shortcut wasted a time of life
And now you are back to square zero .
That seemed like stars in distant dreams
Forgetting to the find the light within .
Failures at every step
Not knowing how to bounce back .

Shortcuts chosen have a price
Something that you pay with your life .

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

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