My Journal 29. Simplicity

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I am kind of person who believes in owning not more than needed amount of dresses and two pairs of shoes at a time.I don’t have to have all dresses in trend or a footwear to match each , i do have two additional for occasions which i dont mind reusing after care. One thing relevant from my writings and my lifestyle and people who know me even from a little interaction is that it reflects simplicity in living , in talks , in life , in home , in style .Many a times this simplicity is mistaken for dumb , foolish , outdated , not so trendy , nerd .I too had to face this in some form or the other but that didn’t change my mindset or my way of living. I very consciously chose this type of living much before when i was young , to avoid the extra burden of unnecessary distractions , helping keep me focused and less hoarding or unnecessary glamarising or accessorizing .Even with my words i keep it very simple whether interacting or communicating my thoughts , i don’t twist or mince or have hidden agenda its exactly what’s in my head .This simplicity is actually conscious , thoughtful , minimalist , mindful, rational whatever you can name it to lead a simple, practical and focused life.I don’t want my outward appearance to speak about me rather just keep it subtle and let my thinking do the talking.

Whether it be relations or circle i carry or maintain a smaller circle where i connect and relate better and be myself . I believe in not carrying the burden of pasts in my life or relations, this helps me to focus what i can drive to bring in necessary change or growth. I don’t hoard things whether fancy , expensive to show off or accessorize or build a status. I let what i am- my thoughts , my attitude , my nature do the talks and not put in extra to impress or get approval or make a statement for me.When coming to decisions in life i always chose to take those that invest in relation , my kids than help in building a wealth back up system . Though i have put in great efforts from behind the scene for the financial strength of our family ,without expectations of having to be recognised or labelled for my efforts or getting my part in achievements.

This simple living is what is very need of the time and much in trend and a responsible decision its called being minimalist , being conscious in our decisions , not hoarding , keeping off the unnecessary clutter that just adds to mess serves no purpose instead complicates life .I have chosen and taken decisions consciously and learnt to stick by it all times without challenges letting me dither away from it not looking for more options available to move away from the struggles. With all the varied options in consumerism and products available i chose wisely and only that is necessary or will actually be used no matter what is in trend or something just marketed to create a purpose of use .

With my work balancing, planning i choose to make use of right atmosphere, energy levels , interest and priorities .So that i can find time fit in which suits my mindset best but also achieve my task and duties in a more balanced way. Rather than pursuing for extremes or perfections i keep it flexible with my routine, activities and duties to achieve all that i have got in hand without being hard on myself . I many a times use and work on simple ideas though a lot of efforts and back research and past experience to coming up with such ideas . These are easy to execute or implement but difficult to actually think of as most of them are creative or ideas from experience, keeping it simple, breaking down complexities and yet achieve results of greater value and quality with just the right amount of efforts .I don’t believe in forming circles or gossiping or showing off ones possessions or achievements nor do i boast about it or just collect trophies or put up a life for others to see how successful or great life i am living.

Simplicity in life and ideas are actually difficult to implements or invent because human life is unnecessarily made so complicated with additional baggage in all forms , relations , emotions , things , tasks , culture , trends, past .It requires higher order thinking , cleaning up clutter , letting go of that doesnt matter , knowing what matters more , being focused , valuing relations over possessions ,value time more than money and accepting and respecting ourselves and our values and vision over others opinions or that is in trend. Simple ideas are the most thoughtful ideas that solve the greatest problems or issue with a more natural and easier way avoiding the complicated process that makes goals difficult or impossible to achieve.

Simplicity is a way of life , self care , conscious living maintaining the sensibility of how much and what is needed and getting rid of that adds to the baggage and clutter without going to extremes of possessing goods , past emotions , achievements, without letting other views of life or approach to life or trends or rules in society influence our living .And above all being thankful for all you have knowing there are more challenges to lives than what we face.Investing your time on relations than money and things to make it work and do the best for our loved ones.

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