My Journal 28. Dual Life

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Its not new individuals either alone or as families many a times have been living two lives , ones that they actually know or go through in reality and the ones that they put up to be, a perfect picture of self or relationships and life .Time before and even now in some parts of the world this is forced through culture or restrictions or society pressure to put up and portray everything as perfect or to make things seem fine despite varied differences in thoughts , ideas , priorities , methods or choices just to maintain the set of rules defined which are never broken .Most of the time it was suppressed and sometimes a necessity to fit in the perfect picture frame.

This situation is not much different today though the society has broken restrictions , people are free somewhat to take decisions or living life they chose. There is another kind of dual life now the digital self and the real self .With the invention of mobile cameras its like everybody is trying to make those perfect moments rather than live real moments , capturing everything about themselves to what they eat , their outings , to relationships and name all that you can. Shouldn’t these perfect moments be lived than made and captured or are they trying to convince or show others they have a perfect life and are living life of dreams .Or is it they are trying to find contentment in those little things of life like visiting a resto showing you have buddies most of them who care less about you or a vacation which is a coverup because you never had time to spend with your loved ones, showcasing your kids achievements indirectly promoting competition , owning a new toy and trophies and showing it off. Life is much more than that and we can see through it only if we stop glorifying such little things.

The worst part is this trend has shifted attention from the real parts of life and made us more insensitive towards others , have people thought about people without food wen they put up such selfies about their favourite meal and dishes right from the table , are they breeding competition or showing off highlighting their kids achievements that surely will hamper developing humility and empathy to see others side and boost ones ego , are they showing off their costly vacation when many are still may be going through tough times in current scenario.The addition to this pre wedding shoots where they dramatically shoot about relationships before marriage like a movie and sometimes these couples are so new to each other or have not even started with their relation and journey and are enacting as if they have lived and fallen in love of lifetime.There have also been many cases of deaths or accidents when people so much excited to take selfies or pictures in dangerous places or sometimes missing out looking into other important details because they are busy shooting leading to dangerous accidents which could have been saved .

There are many negative effects of these on our life we get stuck between what we put up to be what we want others to think about us and our life , what we would like to show our interests and lifestyle to be and between what we actually feel , what really is going on in life and our relations , our innermost struggle , the realities of life around us.These have a greater impact on the younger generation as they see a lot of this around them the digital life, the perfect life , the meaning of happiness and relationships as portrayed . They start believing and living that themselves thinking thats what reality and searching or trying to have all that perfect frame in their life in process lost and move farther from their own inner true self and deepest feelings and sometimes become insensitive to about real challenges or troubles of mankind and life around.They start chasing , portraying , copying that can help them maintain this perfect digital life to keep up with the trend and be part of the so called their generation .Which is totally a false world out there which has been created and followed and repeated by many .

Why not raise our generation to face with realities of life , be true self and have a real picture about life the way it is rather than what needs to be put up on social profiles to make new friends , follows and likes .The more they learn to truce with their true self , real life around , empathetic and rational to their outlook than showing off their so called created perfect moments which they didn’t even live in to capture them in their memories.Not everything one does , lives , owns or shares needs to clicked and shared , nor life has to portrayed as flawless , trendy , or happy times with your loved ones to all out there. If you know you are having those moments they will be part of your memories and relations and there is more to life than that. I do my bit by not living this dual life through social platforms , its a mindful decision i take for my family , we do have our memorable moments but to ourselves and sometimes only in memories not making a point to click every moment of living.

Think about “digital detox” your life and live a healthy and better managed and happier life.

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