My Journal 27. Follow your Heart

In todays world where its more about following , followers , hearts and likes which is all about moving with the trend , keeping up with that’s very current , doing what gets more heart or likes. I want to talk about this “follow your heart” which is mostly overrated in movies or creative talks but most believe real world is about calculative decisions and following the trends or profits or rules. The only people who know what actually following heart means are the creative people and people who do what they choose to no matter where the crowd is moving or who decide to take their unique course to life or the ones who want to make a difference despite the odds.

Yes i have been lucky or may be chose at a point in life to start following my heart not many have been to do so or had the opportunity to do so .I have taken my risks , challenges , fights to follow my heart where you stand out from the crowd or that everybody is following. I have been raising my kids too to follow their heart as i know what difference it makes to their life . Rather than limiting their thoughts , creativity and time to follow route ways or tasks . I make sure to give them ample of time to discover and work on themselves.The greatest gift a parent can give to a child is let them follow their heart because a major part of their life is influenced by decisions we take and if we let them follow their heart and lead the way it helps them be the best and happiest form of themselves.

  • Never pressurize or push them to take decisions or choices or tell them what to think instead encourage them to think for themselves. Give them enough exposure to see and face and use their skills .Do not limit their thinking or ability to creatively look for ways or solutions , that even we could not have thought of.
  • Allow them to work on their own .Their own time and choice of activity or work . Through this time they get know and explore their areas of interest especially their creativity .Give them resources or inputs or guidance they would need to work on their interests .This can be mainly achieved through planning academics and time management to give them ample time to explore.
  • Play is an important part to boost this creative thinking and see or experience their inner self of expression and life .Especially unstructured play .What they make or put to use of what they learn from around or through studies can be very much observed through and learnt through their play .Help boost this by understanding their interests or skills to develop through right guidance and support .
  • Helps them to form communications , relations based on their feelings or connections not programmed to behave or follow . Yes they can be taught about response or reactions and reasoning .

We are trained as kids to follow or think in set procedures especially in academics, express in a set ways of rules or have a directed or instructed form and outlook to life .This suppresses ones ability to naturally or creatively look for ways.The more learning learns to tap this into learning , one learns to flow with natural and creative ways unique to ones learning ability.Thats the reason most successful people are who have come up with creative ways and following their heart .Why follow you heart when its safe and better to take calculative measures in life or follow that’s told.

There are many benefits of following the heart in life . A life driven by ones heart doesn’t feel the pressure of challenges or difficulties that comes up along the way , as one has the focus or clear mindset of achieving ones interests and doesn’t feel the burden of the work or efforts put in. It is the fuel behind creativity , individualism , unique skills that gives an edge over standing out of the masses and make a difference. The more contended and happy people are with following their heart they spread the positivity that radiates and reflects through their life , relations and work.

Creativity and following your heart is very much underrated in terms of achievements especially monetary and stability even sometimes undermined culturally as it doesn’t help in achieving goals or fit the common ways . But the greatest achievements come from the most unique ideas or creative ways.One thing that is very much important when following your heart is have self confidence in your decisions and skills , have patience for it to grow and manifest into success. Also not let in negativity or opinions effect you or hurdles put a stop to your dreams . Have the courage and persistence to keep following you heart because no matter how long it takes if that’s where you heart is, its where your happiness and success both meet. We need to remember everyone who followed their heart have a unique story of struggles , setbacks, challenges and achievement to tell and its never an easy one .

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    1. I am great full for your wonderful comments also really glad you like the post. It means a lot something that connects all of us here.

    1. Yes only heart knows what we actually want from our life .it is not biased like thinking and calculating.

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