My Journal 26. Best or Mediocre

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The choice is not easy everybody wants to be the best. But actually there is no best and trying to be the one , looses the perception of reality and going for an imaginary perfect best losing a lot in the process. Mediocre is real, a balance, a space for growth , time for all that one aspires , more human connectable , relations and self both handled well. And the best of all , lack of a false ego and high headedness of being the best and deal with the pressure of being and securing that place .

I realized this long before even when i was good academically i never tried securing those first few ranks , Even in life i never wanted to be highly skilled or great achiever to prove my worth . I kept it flexible with time and situation though i put in best what i had in hand. I never judged people with their talents or achievements because i knew exactly that’s not a meter of judging people nor does it define a person. I did not let others definition of achievement , success or happiness cloud my judgments about life.

As a parent i never filled my kids to be the best among all, just to do their best at that point and learn and grow from experience .Comparisons make no sense as everybody has their set of qualities and negative they work on it and achieve better .Life is about filling in those gaps with time and try different approaches that suits best ones interest and abilities . Every body is unique and need to tap that to build a better version of self which has no ends till you keep learning.

So i think there is no best . Its best being mediocre you know there is still much , a lot in life than we face ,much to human complexity and relations and there is always or someone better than what i am.

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