My Journal 25. Life is about change

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Hi dear friends recently i have not been regular with my posts and blogging , its due to other responsibilities and my daughters academic year end studies .Yet whenever i find time i always will post about everything i always do .If i am not reading or liking your posts its probably i am away from wp and as soon as i find time will be back to read all your posts i missed.

Even after all this now blogging and writing have become an important part of my life , i need to write and the back of mind i am kind of thinking all that i would want to write when i will get time. Today i wan to share with you why blogging and writing is so important to me and its now an important part of new me.

I have gone through major transformation in various stages of life. People who have been through with me or met me after a time have always spoken and witnessed of these changes in me. Every time its a new version of me , no more the person they knew or expected me to be. Its not about the look , fashion , style or mannerism , i have brought about total personality change with every encounter of challenge and situations in life. This change is a really difficult process though once you decide its almost like fight within , reprogramming your thought , emotions , reactions , attitude .And then a rebirth a new version of you, still you cant say you are at the best and then it continues .Every time you change you look back at the older you and realize many of them are still stuck at those points and how it feels being there though you have moved and know how difficult it has been.

This blogging experience too has changed me .If you follow my blog and read my posts its very much visible through my writings .This has been the influence of other blogs i follow and read, inspiration i find in them , courage and honesty in some, some about sensitive and most touching issues which gives you goosebumps , some light hearted and fun loving , some with great lessons ..and many yet to be explored. This exposure to thoughts , creativity and people belonging to different communities , ethnicity , countries , culture has helped me understand , realize and grow more as person and that reflects now in my writing and my life too .

Yes there is the other side too the competition , closed groups , insecurities , trolling though not the ones like in other platforms much milder version. But that’s what made me feel normal about this place and blogging, its just same everywhere around the world . So chill its not a great deal you have such people everywhere this is no exception. What i admire is variety in skills of writing and thought process and attitude towards life that comes together here without the fear of being judged .The openness to accept or at least see another’s perspective even if not acceptable .There are people from specific professions who write about it with a more understandable and connectable point of view . There is creativity in every form , well to understand it is in the readers ability .I have received support from some great bloggers as they follow and visit my blogs gives me the confidence to believe in myself more and give me energy to stop myself from giving up.

I have always been a good learner at life and academically and an close observer which has been important factor in me bringing about change and imbibe the best in what i see and learn from around. Not many from where i come from know that i blog or even understand about it .But i continued writing not for achieving but to connect to all i feel do understand or relate to what I write .I achieved a better version of myself being part of this community .I tried to learn a lot from different blogs here , their personalities , seamless interactions between bloggers, followers and friends .I may not be able to become all that i learn or seen but i have learnt much about all this from here .

Another thing about writing a personal blog has its adavantages , it helps me to keep check on self all that i have thought and spoken about here .As i write about my thoughts , experiences and real life practice in parenting and teaching , i too have those moments of getting carried away and deviate from being the better version of me i have always spoken about .This reminds me to follow that I beleieved in and shared from my inner most strength and feelings.

I am almost emotional writing this post traveling through those months of journey from lockdown to pandemic , to growing challenges and responsibility and the huge support and impact of blogging has had on me , saying bye to the older version of me , waiting for new changes to come , learn and grow ever.

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