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Teaching kids about Planning

Planning is an important part of life that kids need to be introduced through by showing them how it could be done , sometimes let them make their part of the plan on their own . Let them see around how planning in real life makes things easy to work on , manage time , ability to work on various activities still not miss on them .Though many learn planning naturally some need to shown why its necessary , how planning could be done and how it effects our life and education and maintain a balance.

Teaching kids about planning either helping them through their studies or work and showing how it could be done to maximize results with a proper effort . Prepare a study plan for topics or subjects. Showing them how they could about so that all aspects of a topic are covered , eg: Telling them to list down hard words their meanings and spelling , understanding the concept or making a concept list to revise back or keep as note , understanding the flow of story or details and the motto, using the understanding from story to answer questions about the concept the flow the reasoning or the character.

Helpings kids draw a plan for their activities or day or schedules that suits their interest and work on them. Helps them easily make changes or additions or work on activities that wouldn’t find time or miss out. Many a time a daily schedule or weekly schedule of activities helps them to keep track of their day , check on activities that need to be done according to schedule or plan their other activities .Make better use of their time and make place for activities that interest them .

Allowing them to plan in real life through taking part in small events like birthday parties or small get together or picnic or a vacation or outing. The items they have to carry for their outing , the different items or types of clothes they need to pack . They can also see you plan and organize their items like toys, books and clothes .How it makes easy accessibility , sorting , proper use of available options .Letting them be a part of home stuff or grocery shopping gives them an idea how they need to plan for stocks at home.

Planning their school activities or project beginning from research , preparing an outline , to the design or the look of the project , How it will be organized and presented .Choosing the right items , to presentations and to depth .All this shows them how planning is an important part when working on anything on their own , which is not delegated or instructed . How to go about a problem or break them down into small parts . Then work on the details so that they don’t get missed and can be executed without any hurdles .

Sometimes let them be a part of the process as you plan and see them learn from you how it works and is necessary to plan to make things possible .At times let them make their developments or inputs to the plan .This makes them further to become independent at their work and life as they learn to plan in real life. Most of planning comes from real life practice than in theory so involve them , give them exposure or spend time with them to show how planning works.

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