Wise Words

Don’t be critical or judgmental about others action,
if you really want a change do it and show how it is to be done.

Rather than direct what is to be done,
Focus should be on details how it is do be done.

Never react to others hurting actions or words
Instead respond with a clear mind not carried away by emotions.

Pointing out problems and responsibilities where no one can meet,
Being a part of it and devising a solution where all can make their best part in it.

Its not about the look or imperfections one has,
But all about how one feels inside gets reflected to the outside world.

Is failure the end of ambitions,
No, It is not a dead end but a change in path and attitude.

Money can buy you many things though not everything,
But being humble and polite for the service will get you something no money can buy .

No matter how best at what you are,
Learn to respect another’s work and effort they too have their place and make a difference.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

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