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In online learning using of textual content with direct teacher interaction or using textual content for self study .some of the following points can helps to make content covey the information in a more attentive and attractive and concise manner

  • Use of color schemes , like to highlight important topics or points or heading, differentiate between different facts or content using different color, highlighting words or differences using a color schemes
  • Summarization and organization of contents using graphical organizers or concept maps.
  • Using art based learning or doodling to show detailing or highlight items that fall in a group.
  • Explain the use and give a guided tour of the organised information of – how the content and information is organized , details it covers, additional reading or links provided so that students can revisit to understand the topic again or clear any doubts or queries. This helps in solving the linear flow method that comes with textual learning in online learning.
  • These textual content can be used as look up or table of content to expand or read more in detail from other sources or text.
  • It can be a good form of introduction to topics in a single view or layered views with details.
  • if using animated textual content make sure there isnt too much animations disjoint progress to topic , the speed , tone , volume and clarity of the speech with the content also needs to be checked on according to depth , details and age of student.
  • In subjects that introduce jargons or new words make sure to mention it with a note or link with meanings or details.
  • These textual content can be followed by a MCQ test in regular intervals to keep engaged or check for learning or gaps.
  • Since its online these contents cant be lengthy or detailed , they need to made concise and specific to keep student engagement and get across in a easier manner at the same time using this to develop interest to further self reading or learning.
  • The focus should be on clearing the concepts , connections , comparisons , questions to look for , introducing topics so as to make the student independent learners after the session or online learning.
  • For students who would require more practice a set of questions dealing with a single concept could be shared with an example solved .In this way implementation of concepts progresses concept wise making it easy to keep track and progress.

Using these ways to make organized textual and graphical content to make learning more effective , engaged and understandable to a more larger number of students .In the process developing independent learners with the right support and introduction to concepts .Also it makes it possible for students to revisit and check for areas or topics from time to time as when learning progresses thus making them self reliant for revisions and clearing doubts or problematic areas.

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