green and white leaves illustration

Hope is something you should never give up on ,
And when you are about to give up hope keeps on.

Hope is miracle,
a superpower.
a strength in your belief.
to see things happen as you wish.

Keep hope,
Never be so sure of current times and troubles.
Tides will change you just keep rowing.

When you feel at the edge,
Jus hang in there help is coming.

When It looks irreparable , irreplaceable , irrevocable ;
Yet time is invincible it will heal , fix and renew even the worst hit.

Keep doing your bit,
Sometimes a fight within..
Sometimes a face with death.
Sometimes like frozen in time.
Sometimes a war you alone on one side.

Will open ways
Mankind never travelled.

Hope ,

Will keep the sun rising,
Even when clock stops ticking.


Will give you courage,
To see rays in the darkest reigns.

Never give up on hope,
What you do for your loved ones.

Your hope gives them strength to believe in a future,
Where They are a better being,
And make the world a better place for living.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.