Mind Games

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Mind Games a mark of the intelligent era we live in .
Ways to get back in deceptive ways .
The target fixed ,plans made and worked out as if a natural course .

Once ventured into the game, there is no way out you either take sides or play on your own . Learn the rules , or devise your own ways .
You cant let them be, they wont stop because you don’t want to deal.
Play till the end don’t leave it half way, it will kick from back with a stronger leg.
Either you learn the ways or submit to their games .

Let them know you too are in, Now they will be careful with their means.
That doesn’t stop every player will have a chance , use yours wisely as you can.
Let them know a taste of their created games , let them know what it is to be at the other end .
Be alert and prepared before hand cos they are working when you look the most unaware.

Trust no source or rely on the senses . Be sure to double check there could be a convoy or an implant to deviate from their mainland.
Trust your instinct , your experiences ,eye for details , past revelations .
There are skills to convince even the most heinous act ,
sometimes a coverup ,
sometimes to get even .

The clarity in speech , supporting details, angles met or made up to justify the point .
There is no distinction no right nor wrong ,
nor age nor intelligence nor morals nor talents stand a chance.
All take an equal chance , play their games without any inhibition.
This generation where things don’t turn their way , they know to play it their way .No rules only that suits ones interest.

Lets Think,

Have a mind of our own,
Make an effort to question.
Search for corners never lit.
How much said,
How much left.
Hidden matters,
Changing facets.

Don’t be so quick ,
Reserve your judgments.
Tricks and plans ,
At Work behind the back .
Manipulates Senses ,
Clouds perception.
Dont play over smart,
They too will get back.
Know yourself best ,
But know them even better.

Mind games ,
Are the worst ,
When they are your own.
They know you inside out .
It seems like ,
It works on own,
Without revealing the face or intent known.

Reflect with common sense,
Rely on conscience ,
Recheck be curious .

Dont let mind games ,
Take you for a ride.
Never leave control in another’s hand .
For once you submit To their games ,
You have no turn in the game ,
Now just a coin of another’s game.

Mind games all around , belonging to an advanced race and times we face it everywhere .Let me know your thoughts on these, now that i have penned .

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

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